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First, I’d like to say thank you for a response and acknowledgement of a form of compensation. Those 2 things were actually on the list of things that #PlayersUnited asked for as a step in the right direction when issues like this happen.
This is another step, albeit another teeny step, but a step nonetheless. So thank you.

However, with that being said, you guys did put up a poll asking what the players wanted to do. I believe that the majority who were able to vote, voted for a restart of war and also compensation of some sort. Compensation is being delivered… is the war going to be restarted?
If you restart, you’re going to do 3 things: 1. Make those who voted for it, happy. 2. Make those who didn’t, unhappy. But most importantly… 3. Make the playing field even again by allowing everyone to have a shot at winning.
The exact same things will happen if you don’t restart it.
So you’re screwed either way… But welcome to our world when this happens to us over and over and over again…
So here’s my solution to this conundrum you’ve put yourselves in once again:

  1. Choose which option you think is best at this point, restart or non restart… because you’re screwed either way remember? But just pick one and put it into action.
  2. No matter what you pick, provide the players with a way better form of compensation… because what you’re offering is merely the same as hitting the 50k MS… I would suggest this as compensation:
  • Provide all players with everything up to the 200k MS regardless of whether they would have hit it or not.
  • League trophies and points that a player would have earned by the time they hit that 200k mark. (I’m sure you guys have those calculations somewhere)
  • Enough war tokens for a player to get one pull from the wheel.
  • A bare minimum of 5 war refills.

I feel that this would be met with appreciation by the majority of people… (there’s always going to be folks that aren’t happy with anything), but you can’t please everyone. This would also take the pressure off of some who are worried and mad about losing out on the MS and the league stuff.

The ball is in your court now Scopely, show us that you are ready to make your next step a bigger one towards rebuilding the trust of the players.
Kings of the Hill - Ben Hill region


Yeah nice compensation fellas, I’m pretty sure 2 benies will be 100% better than any of the toons in the war pull, because my faction is 20 wars behind everyone into the top. Well done #PlayersUnited

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Everyone gets a free yellow Kal, enjoy boys.

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At this stage the only reasonable outcome is to split the war like they did about a year ago. Suck it up as a loss this 1 time and let ppl enjoy their ranks for this first half and then let ppl war for their proper ranks for the second half.


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just give everyone an extra war pull, makes everyone happy and not matter cause the toons are crap anyway lol

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Those of us who can’t even log in are getting double screwed:

No war tokens
And the PATHWAYS EVENT no one has brought up how faction milestones are now impossible for factions who have several members locked out.


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