Reporting Bug for QA guys


@Shawn.Scopely and @Agrajag
Player name: Mamabear
Faction: Alpha Rangers
Region: Forsyth
Device: Galaxy Note 4
OS Version:
Platform: Have no idea what that is sorry
What I was doing: normal game play i.e. raiding, attacking in territories/SR/roadmap, collecting tokens/characters/rewards, or during war.
Happens every time?: not every time but for example yesterday lost 3 out of 6 raids due to bug
What bug is: game crashing, doesn’t matter if I’m using WiFi or mobile data.
What I’ve done on my end: contacted support, cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, and say a little prayer to Ares before start each war battle that game won’t crash during that battle.
What else can I do? Like the game just getting tired of being defeated due to something that is out of my control.


@ZiCura thank you if that’s it then android.


i had the same problem. keep hanging n game need to restart or reconnect to work again, but the raid point is wasted. i try on note5 n pc, still same problem.


Happens when I switch to “Cub’s” S3 Galaxy also


@Shawn.Scopely and @Agrajag please let me know when you see this and if I did not answer all the questions to help get this fixed, also if there is anything else I can do on my end to make sure this stops.


Hey @Mamabear. I took at look at your account and you’ve hit a few different crashes over the last few days. Unfortunately each of those crashes will require a separate investigation so I can’t give you an ETA on when we can have this resolved for you but we’ll do our best.


I had the same problems several times during war. Wasted a lot of refills


I’ve had the same types of crashes on mine as well. I crash in the middle of starting a stage. It’ll crash when I auto-play the map and I lose not just energy, but the faction mate I wanted to use as well. Is there a consolidated thread for this or should I create one myself? Can I give my account details here?


I’m on iOS


I’m also on Android.
player name: harleykins
region: worth
faction: dead moon rising
device: samsung galaxy 8 pro
android version: 4.4.2


@Shawn.Scopely thank you for the answer, please keep me informed and let me know if there is anything I can do to help on my end.


@Shawn.Scopely and @Agrajag still having issues with game crashing, have the latest update, cleared cache uninstalled and reinstalled. Gets very frustrating being on a world mission using a faction member to have game crash lose the energy and faction member bonus. Can I get some info on when it will be fixed


This is going in 3 updates now with this problem of constantly kicking me out of my game


@WalkerBait lost count of how many updates for me :cry:


When you tap the button to start the raid does the screen barely start to transition and then freeze?


@trustable just now I was doing roadmap, auto running it, in the middle of one stage that walker in the bottom right hand corner started spinning and game crashes. That happens at least 4 times a day doesn’t matter what I’m doing


@Shawn.Scopely @kalishane @Agrajag is there anything I can do to make my game to stop crashing? Can one of y’all please give me an update? Thanks



One thing I would try is make sure you have other apps closed on your device. Maybe even delete some stuff off the device depending on how much storage you have available.


This happens to me on a regular basis. Have also followed the basic steps offered by support.

when this happens to me @Shawn.Scopely it almost always coincides with one of by defence teams being kicked from a territory.


There were some crashes resolved in the latest 9.1.1 release. We’ve got the logs from the crashes you’re hitting and they’ve been logged but I can’t provide a timeline on when they’ll be fixed unfortunately.