Replacing faction leader

Does anyone know if theres a way to remove a faction leader other than them stepping aside voluntarily? Our leader was replaced by the game and someone not leadership material shall we say, has been put in charge. We’ve messaged and asked them to put someone else in but no joy.

No unless hey are inactive for a week i believe

There is another way… but it will take 50,000 angered working class people, a batch of imported kalashnikovs and a copy of das kapital


Well, if he is actually logging in then no.

You guys will need to leave and start your own faction without him.

Or just ask him to step down, he may do it.

Any reason you dont skip out and stsr a new faction?

Yep these are the options.

If the leader is not active in any region for 2 weeks then it will automatic pass leadership off to someone else.

You most likely will have to start a new faction if they are not willing to step down. But if you are in a faction where the leader was inactive and the game passed leadership on automatically, you may be better off rebuilding anyways because that doesn’t sound like that active of a faction.

That isn’t true only the leader could have quit. There could be 29 actives.

Thought as much, our leader had to step away for personal reasons for a time, suppose all we can do is keep asking lol
Thanks for the input though :grinning:

Just leave and make a new fac, i guess it would suck to start over in leagues but you can work your way up fast if you have a fac of actives, that person will take the hint lol

Pretty shitty of a leader to quit and not let others know or not pass off leadership if the faction is active

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That’s the bit people miss. Check their prestige. If it’s going up, you’ll need to start a new faction

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