Replace war with anything? Why would you do this Scopely? WAR IS KING!

Why would you replace war with any event? War is why most play this game. No war for some zombie event. Are you kidding? We couldn’t do the walker horde during the week? Please let me know if you agree or disagree. Looks like a lot less war going forward with an event we could play during the week… This is just sad! WAR IS KING!
This should be war weekend! OMG replace it with is event?


Take a damn level up out


Agree … take a level up out
Tired from this #### and #### with your #####


scopley doing worst things with every pasding day

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Im fine with no war for a weekend but yes replace level up, raids, level up and sr during the week and do horde mode, this will give us a break and change of the stale ass events @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely you replace war with anything and the RTS community will lose it, dont start this event off bad or people wont spend on it just like onslaught and scopely knows that was a failure and makes no money

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursaday - horde
Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Faction level up, faction raid, faction SR
Monday and Tuesday - Solo level up and raid
Wednesday and Thursday - Solo level up and SR
Friday, Satuday and Sunday - War
Throw in some blitz wars during the week and onslaught.

This will keep it fresh and help with the draining of resources like cans and gear


They can’t take the mid week events out, because they have committed to awarding Michelle gear thru the end of the event and headlights for the next 20 days.

The best solution would have been to hold horde off till next week when the Michelle gear was done with.

Seriously, War is the reason people play this game. Go a month with no war and you will lose players.


Walker horde is another boring ass event which is like yawnslaught… Have to dedicate the whole day for something not all that interesting.

Though as per the announcementI feel it will do something’s better like milestone rewards n stuff. But really don’t see it ever being capable of taking the place of war

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I disagree. Maybe you should atleast give this New Event a Chance before crying over War, with your Auto Kill Team.

It’s cause they planed war of champions & CRW the following weekend on April 5th


If you don’t want level up solo, just don’t do it. If they take off one, we will have less chance to have event item. So keep level up scopely


War is pretty much trash now as all we have is CRW we’re for our low faction we only got 20 war tokens which has made war pointless for me and other factions to participate in as we will never in a million years ago

The war of champions is the week after isn’t it? So not entirely unexpected

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Some level ups I don’t really try. Also I’m in a region were I’m guaranteed to prize everytime as long as I score something

War is getting stale. Though why give a level up, we already deal with one every day.

Also the Walker Horde event is probably gonna be better (if done right) than current wars. I had a blast in beta.

That’s not totally true, they’re just doing the SAME thing everyday… and the event rewards aren’t keeping up with the in-game the power-creep in game…
So yeah, by not improving events/rewards, things are getting worse / more stale.

And yet people keep going all out?! Why would they change.

War prizes are horrible besides milestones. They need to just set a wheel that stays in place for war tokens and just update it every couple of months or atleast a fair trade exchange thanks for the huge 10 sp I got off 10 of them. I can’t even buy a raid tank with that

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I still have no idea why they threw off the war cadence? Why the war of champions is not next weekend and now we have to wait three weeks for war is stupid. War is the only thing currently worth playing for (unless this walkers event is fun). Three weeks without war is gonna make this game drag on.

Not to mention, now we will have war on Easter weekend. @JB.Scopely was there a reasoning behind skipping an extra week?

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I don’t see the issue, hordes is a big new mode, what better time to introduce it than the weekend when everyone’s available?


another tournament based event boringggggggggggg.get those wasted $$$$$$ ready newbys.