Repeatedly Crashes on SR and Roadmap

Since app update on iOS I am now repeatedly kicked out of the app when I complete waves on Survival Road and Roadmap. I can’t get past the completion message for wave 1 on both SR Stage 3 and Road to S Stage 3 AND it’s taken my world energy whilst kicking me out of the app.

I am having the same on Road to S - as it hits the 2/3 overlay game just force closes and has to be reopened. Energy gone.

I’m having the same problem with SR crashing on Android

A faction mate of mine is also having world map crash too when trying to farm 25/8

I have the same issues farming survivors when holding Fortified Town and Hospital, I thought the issues were occurring because I was spamming bronze and silver tokens to burn through refills. So today I changed my approach and actually played the stage over and over…lo behold after 2 refills the game resets. Interestingly you do get your world energy back to point that the game crashed and even more interesting is that those bronze and silver scavenger tokens pay out exactly the same every time after the game crashes.

Makes you wonder what else isnt random in this game - definitely my bucket =(

I wouldn’t worry the daily SR is now impossible, this new update is a joke, went in with a S13 team 2 died first round, so now you can’t earn those tokens. Level 400

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