Rep System Needs an Overhaul

It’s currently structured like a bad meme

Raids a P13, Diamond III player with an S9+ defense, using an S7++ team as an offense

Gets 6 Rep

P13 player revenges

Gets 25 Rep

League, team grade, and actual challenge are completely ignored by your outdated system


While outdated, it never really served any purpose to begin with. Leagues is technically what the raid system should have been. But even with leagues, it all doesn’t matter because the players you fight and the rewards(excluding rep) you’re fighting for, are not determined by total reputation nor league placement.

Who you ultimately face is based on your roster strength, which has no distinct correlation with reputation nor league placement.


They should just leave the option for the faction raid and not the player bec that’s like losing 50 rep if they are lower then u

But everyone keeps saying rep isnt important :rofl: i say well mr higher rep than me, drop your rep, let me take some rep, all of a sudden it becomes important :grin:

Having high rep is actually a bad thing when it comes to raid tournaments, which is the exact opposite of how it should be. For example, those with high rep in the top 5 of their regions have a harder time finding bots or payers of commiserate rep and therefor gain less “trophies” with each raid than their counterparts with lower rep.

Seems this is not “working as intended” as you would think that the system would not be designed to punish those with high rep.


Trophy gain in raid tournaments is not based on players’ reputation, but rather the enemy’s strongest team from their roster.

Raiding a bot that copied a S9 player will get you more raid trophies than if you raided bot that copied a S7 player. Reputation has no impact on trophy gain.


From what I have witnessed, that is incorrect. For example. I raided a bot copied from an S9+ team with 173k rep and received 23 trophies. I then raided the same bot with 198k rep listed and received 25 trophies :man_shrugging:

Where s a Sam Jackson meme asking, you talking bout rep? srsly, who cares about rep other than try hards? I would give u all mine if it would make u happy.

That’s kinda the point here. Having high rep is nothing but a fancy showcase with no trophies in there.

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What’s your definition of same bot? Same team? Same name? Same rank?

I ask this because in the past, people claim to raid the same bot but not in reality.

Not scientific, but I’ve experienced this hundreds of times. My definition of “same bot” would be exact same team composition of toons, same weapons and same team grade. Bot name and rep were the only observed differences.

I think there’s a random +/- 2… The median value does appear to be peak team based. Seems this is an asset they reuse across raid, war general, and onslaught

i believe something similiar… the greater difference in rank grants the highest rep collected, plus territory boost, im certain team health doesent affect rep amount…

I will take it gladly as rep matters and i have yet to see a real argument for this… 100k rep vs 1k rep, who is getting into a faction first? A faction with 3mil rep total and rank 1 in the region is recruting while the rank 8 faction is recruting also, lets say rank 8 fac comes in 2nd, close to 1st even in events but they need more people to help out, what faction is going to have people joining it? Rep matters cause the players make it matter by those 2 things, not cause of rewards or strength or anything like that, rep matters simply from a faction view. Of course the 1k rep player can be stronger but that is beside the point, no one wants a low rep player and no one wants to join a low rank faction, no matter how good they are.

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and lower rep prevents you from some items in depot

When re suiting rep doesn t mean * to me or my ppl. Activity is key, are u on during war, and not just 8-5? What does their roster and weapons look like, are they jerks or something? If I’m looking to move m a team, and I see the top rep team recruiting, and the #2 war team is recuiting, if not one in the same, idgaf, I’m going for the war team. I only have 44k rep, at highest i was around 50. Don’t care. Give me 1k rep. If a team says u aren t a good fit bc of that, it’s for the better. There are so many other components that go into a good player besides rep. Now if we’re talking about trophies during raid events, that’s a different story.

I get what you are saying and i agree, rep really means nothing, im at 40k myself cause of ghosting and hitting bots or hitting higher rep players and taking 25 while they take 6. Rep doesnt get you rewards and doesnt make you strong. What i am saying is it matters cause most people make it matter by what i said before. You may not care at all but most people do, most people will take in a higher rep player and join a higher rank faction. Majority wins. Rep is important.

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Depends on the faction leader/co-leads. Smart ones won’t use rep as a reliable gauge of whether or not that player is good; looking at their past tournament history is.

I know, not saying anything about rep and strength tho, just saying numbers are important to most people in this game

The rep system is perfect the way it is if you want more go take it