Renown Points in Level Up


Perhaps it’s time to increase them since the milestones are higher. We used to focus on them a year ago but now it’s YGL and BaM. Renown points are insignificant.


Tweak #173




Tweak - not a 400 person year job :slight_smile: But I have not seen the code - it could be worse than we think. Hardcoded stuff and confusion :slight_smile:


It seems most of the needed changes around here are quite small adjustments, like updating the renown bonus points when remaking the entire scoreboard for levelups… Like being able to sell a certain amount instead of using arrows up and down (Now has a useless speedup that goes from 3 item/s to 6124356 item/s in two seconds… Like updating the outdated food/wood economy. Like an extra confirmation when collecting scavs or mods, etc.

Missing obvious fundamental functions and staying with bad solutions is like screaming “We dont know what we are doing, there is little planning, nobody takes responsibility and its too far between departments”

I wonder how many players no longer spend because they are furious with the monetizers…


Do you mean change the milestones themselves?

Because base renown points were overhauled a few months back and one of the few things actually updated to reflect the 6★ era


Not the “Bonus”…

Renown points were upped but as usual its a half-assed change…
One level at tier 4 is now almost the same as an entire bonus that needs what, 50 levels?


I mean these Bonus Renown Points have become meaningless - increase by 10x then we are back in business. @kalishane


Yea, apologies, that what was what I thought you meant.

And I agree. They’re pitiful. Even if the days of the old scoring system, they made bugger all difference to your score in solo LUs.