Rename territories?


A minor conplaint in the scheme of things. But there are what, 3 Strip Malls and multiple Cabins? All named the same.

When someone mentions targetting the “Strip Mall” in our faction, its a scramble to find which one they are talking about. And yes they can be flagged but when all malls are flagged = confusing!

Surely there could be a few different names? Or at least please no more generic Strip Malls and Cabins if you open up territories further :joy:


Why would anyone care about any strip mall, but the crafting one? Lol


We have newbies in our faction who are eager to help but don’t fully understand the mechanics of the game… so we say “we need teams to take down Strip mall” and inevitably they flag and go off and get one of the others.

Its a minor irk, but an irk nonethless


Lol I love the noobs so much


Pst… There are regions… Try using those. Gotta zoom in out to make it obvious.

Or say get the blue flag!!!


I know, but, lazy :joy:

As I say, its a minor niggle.