Removing 100% Inactive Factions/Players



At this point, is there a system that removes long-inactive players and factions from the game from view? Because in my region, there are over 30,000 players, and more than 90% of them are dead to the world. And on top of that, the factions that all these dead accounts rest in haven’t done anything at all, no contributions made, nothing. Maybe you could establish a system where players and their factions, who have been inactive have a certain time period are required to go back to their game at least once in a while to prevent their account from being removed from the public view/rankings, instead of just sitting there for months on end, adding to the incredibly long list of players who will never take a second look at their game, ever again. Thanks!


Yes please I’ve been wanting this for ages


I wouldn’t say permanently deleted, but hidden from everyone else


Yeah, like deactivate the accounts, but not delete them.


90% of the top 50 players in my region are retired lol. So this would be nice


Oh, I see what you mean! And then when they log back on, their stats will be reinstated… great suggestion, I’ll add that on.


Agreed, the huge amount of dead accounts is ridiculous.


Deleting them might not be the best idea cause I’ve seen a few players come back after months of not playing so maybe creating a retirement region and move all of them there and give them the option to move back to their original region if they do come back at no cost. Too many regions are at high capacity even though most of the players have stopped playing.


Pretty sure there is something in the updated TOS about scopely being able to prune accounts that haven’t logged in for 90 consecutive days.

Whether they actually do or not remains to be seen but I imagine it must be in the pipeline for when we see some regions shrink to the size where it isn’t worth keeping them open anymore


I know, I edited my suggestion to change that area up. Like previously mentioned, they could just remove the accounts from public view.


90 days would be too short to prune accounts, I would say 180 would be optimal. Reason being is those who take military trips overseas. We’ve had a guy in our faction,whom by mistake was considered given up. He comes back after doing his 90 days, and wondered why he got kicked. Yeah maybe he should have made it clearer to us, but still Scopely may not care as much as faction leadership


It may not be 90, I could be pulling that figure from thin air - just rings a bell for some reason


I think it was 180 days but @Dennis.menace would be the best person to confirm this and add to the discussion imo


The tos says 180 days. However just because they do not participate does not mean they dont at least log in. Also if they play in another region that counts as them being active.



May 22nd this rule started


Been waiting so 1k+ factions will be gone plus 1k+ prestige 0 accounts


They removed accounts from my region already b4 transfers went from high to medium activity some other regions as well unless they made regions bigger


I think they will do it so they can closes down regions


To me the was the ultimate plan with transfers