Removed My Regular Status?


Just noticed this now? Is this a punishment? :joy:


I think this happens if you aren’t logged in as much or have too many flags!

Lemme see if I can find the info.


Well that’s lame. Received my first flags last night. Disappointing :disappointed:


Please contact support



Awww I believe it will reinstate if you go a bit without flags again!


Haven’t said anything out of line, just constraucrive criticism. And always tried to see from both sides. Believe that’s part of a decent forum.


Thanks Shane :blush: here’s hopin lol.


I’ll take a look Chaz!


Just like that it’s back. It’s like your a genie hehe. So if I make a wish hard enough it may come true?? :stuck_out_tongue::joy:


Come on lottery!!!


Your flag was very minor – sadly, I cannot remove it but, I can fix somethings instantly yes! :slight_smile:


Not to worry. May have needed better wording lol. Well shucks… there goes them lottery numbers :wink::joy:


Just noticed mine was gone too, and landed upon this. Haven’t been flagged, well, as far as I’m aware…


@kalishane can you look into mine also pretty please?


I lost mind as I was banned so can never regain it


It’s automatically done by the forum, not Scopely, like, the platform the forum is on.

I haven’t lost mine, and I know there’s things to need to do to keep it. Like, liking X amount of posts and making X amount of comments etc.


As professor Oak would say ‘there’s a time and place for everything’


I hope it stays.:smiling_imp::hourglass_flowing_sand:


All about the trust levels :slight_smile:


They’re pointless, you know, with the flag 5-0 and all.