Removed all coin offer for wayland? why?

why removed it cause wayland premier? even for spender scopely still find the way to making a mess on them lol

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Because he is now poopie

He came handy in the last war. I have 3 of him

Easiest team in the world to beat now🤷🏼‍♂️

Depends what team you use for fast killing. Seen several team in top using wayland and other payback toons in their defense. Speed is key in top factions I say.

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Don’t tell me you want to pull for that sh*** , all 6* are useless especially those who have no control part in their rush ( taunt , ap gain , stun … ) or bleed

Wayland isn’t worth a dime anymore

Glad I got him from my sc pull then

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I think he wants for S itens collection

In that case he is a cool toon . Yeah

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