Remove your match timer

The match timer hasn’t changed since we were all using 4* Characters. Now the standard defense is to just run down the clock.

If players were able to actually keep fighting, you’d get alot more wins.

Remove the match timer, simple

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I wouldn’t remove it but I’d make the raid equal to war

No thanks, no need for two or three hour matches, this is an easy loophole as well

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What madman would actually stay there for 3 hours though lol


The type of madmen (and presumably madwomen and mad non-gender-specific players, if we’re being pc about it) who hang in war for an hour going for a team win “because it’s SOOOOOOO close” and who apparently can’t work out it’s better to hit flee (or retreat), cut their losses and start again with something that might be far easier.

From reading this forum, I sometimes think that’s a high proportion of the player base. I mean the peeps on here can navigate the internet. Not everyone can boast an advanced skill set like that.

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There is an alternative. Win the raid before the timer is done. Kinda simple really if you have the right toolkit

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The timer for raid and war is dif? Never noticed

Make the timer like 5-6 minutes, or just make it infinite. I’d love to spend 3 weeks on one raid

Naw fuck that I accept my timeouts and cut losses

Yup. Raid is 3 and war is 5.

Oh wow, didnt know, I’d think war would be shorter as well thats what you want to do is beat them asap, raids not a rush besides the timer but raids and war should have the same timer to prepare you for war

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Can we make the timer maybe 30 seconds? Then we could all “adapt”? That’s the best! :+1:

Adapt with our half baked opportunist toolkits

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Totally agree

Timer is likely for match making purposes.

When you search and find a player, they cant be found by others. Throughout the raid they remain locked out until you win/lose.

So there are legitimate reason the timer exists.

Besides that, timer is part of the game play. Though I prefer more bang bang than slow grind matches, it does offer more variety in defensive team constructions.

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