Remove war reserves

Why not just stick the queue limit at 8 then anybody else who tries go join goes into a new queue of 8. Both groups can be added to the war queue and go off to fight different factions.

I think it would be good because you won’t have people missing wars because they can’t jump in fast enough.

Active factions will really shine.

Factions that have that one whale player that can’t be beaten just can’t rely on them to carry anymore.


and if the other group can’t fill the 8 until the first match is done anyway? Then it’s just waiting again, no? At least with reserves they can get a crate or basic tokens depending on the result. I’d like to see bonus points awarded for reserves, not much but 100 pts bonus a match for reserves or something?


Then they’re already first in the queue for next war.

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but losing out on crates / basic tokens. Balance to it all really. If you think about it, some factions manage 3 shifts. Day, night and graveyard - with 30 people in the faction and 8 needed for each ‘shift’, really you have 10 people a shift with some overlap of course.

People would again be missing war though by not being able to war if say 6 spots are already filled and then 8 people are going for the last 2. In my faction we try to balance our queue by shuffling people in who need milestones or if they are stronger hitters on occasion. Just finding balance is needed for many factions

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This is interesting only for the big factions, it would be a huge advantage over the factions that have few active members, while they are trying to have 8 members online to play, the stronger factions will be closing several lines and increasing the distance in score.
This could demotivate some factions other than strong or new factions.

Why would you want that that’s just stupid imo you can get a free box if you win smh so stupid

I like this idea, and to all the ppl saying, (why would they do that, you get a rewards box for being reserves) well you would be in que for war so you technically wouldn’t be missing out on anything!!

You’d also get war points to go towards milestones and a chance at the war placement prizes of refills.

Might be technically difficult for them. Look at territory, often crashes when more than one combat is happening on the same one. I have no hope in them for dealing with that kind of issue :roll_eyes:

@AYC we can dream.

Lol… sure we can :joy: how sweet :drooling_face:

I would only empower the high level competition by forcing players to play 24/7. They would constantly have 3 queues running day and night.

I like the idea. It is like filling matchmaking que in a MOBA games like D**A, if first que full it goes to war and second que start queing. If it not full until first que group end war, then they can join the current que. So if they all on, maximum of 3 war group can have war.
Yes it maybe will give advantage to a super active factions only. But lower faction can also do the same if they have more ppl ready to que. This way, ppl won’t miss a war que during waiting for previous war group finish their war.

But again, this is just a dream, I personally see scopely don’t like it work that way lol

Would it not be a better faster fix to split the faction into 3 factions of 10 people so they can war all they want with each other?

Nice idea, I approve it
Go on Scopely!

If you need to run 2 queues at the same time, why not just split your faction into 2 separate factions for war? I know this was done some during ToC very successfully.

This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a long time

You want to make reserves mean something if someone is AFK you should be able to tag in a reserve

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Another problem is those that end up in reserves aren’t likely to hang around and wait for the matchmaking to go through and watch the war take place just so that when it ends they can be the first to join the queue. They’re more likely to wander off, go do some real life stuff and come back to find theyve missed another queue.

ummmm because, super factions will be warring x 3 everytime, never be able to catch up … not in my war … nu uh