Remove towers, remove tank drops. $$$$


So we cannot have towers and now tanks are not dropping either… fret not because there is an offer we can buy and great odds on a tank bag to get 2 tanks and pay 400 coins. $$$$$$$copley does it again. Bravo!


I am getting drops, still plus for this war.


You should change your name to too lucky. No one is getting drops in my faction.


AND I had the game crash in the middle of a camp attack very similar to what the people were complaining about the tower issue. Maybe the towers weren’t the problem. Maybe it is bigger than that.


We are now disabling camps


Be an easier CRW that way… how about a FA Negan group party region weekend. Everyone attacks Negan’s tank. Then we can get golden earrings for prizes and no flares.


Cans are dropping for me


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