Remove Territories

In my honest opinion territory’s are the worst part of this game let me start of the list with the problems with territory’s

-people abusing glitch’s
-all the territory’s being dropped to walkers

These three things are the most stated
Territory’s is a drag and @JB.Scopely
Please at least fix one of these issues or take territory’s out all together


How will Scopely be able to constantly serve the offers popups to you if they remove Territories?

Through war they already do it in war

Most the time when terrs go to walkers it’s someone just after league trophies and doesn’t gaf about adding teams. It happens daily.
But beyond that it’s been glitchy since it’s release. We went after surefire added a team. Another fac also went after it and added a team. Went straight to them, no contest mode and still had our team in. They don’t care about fixing them. We had a terr glitched for a month where no one could take it. They just don’t care. They are cheap and do not value customers at all.

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So you don’t like increased crit weapon rate, leveling xp, world map regen, raid pts, etc?

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I personally don’t want them to go anywhere just want them fixed so I’m not booted from the game in half my attacks lol. Apparently the op doesn’t care for them tho lol

Raid doesn’t matter , already have loads of trainers stack for months now crit doesn’t really do nothing a lot of the time I see em go non crit and world map regen who even uses that lol there something called World Cans

crits dont help with anything infact you fail to crit more then anything…

LOL. Yeah OK. If you wanna believe that.

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back to back inpair abs on first try all with out areas… as soon as i use the crit areas i always get 0 crits no matter if its right one or one at all. A lot will back this… ever wonder why takes so many trys with areas hum?

Lol. Right.

Clearly your a noob and have no idea what’s going on! World cans bruh who even uses world regeneration or survivor Terrs or xp from cabin Kentucky or ntd and the other one. Duh don’t u know crit % means nothing

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