Remove terr points from leagues (Vote)


Not that terrs run smoothly in the first place but this needs to be adressed. Either terrs are walkered or shielded with one team… heres a few region examples


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Checked out like 5 regions seems to be a common theme




@JB.Scopely is there any discussion on this. Its causing a lot of issues in my region as well as others


Question. Is the point of this territories cuslter fix by Grant league points or remove leagues points to whatever. Just so things go back to normal per say like with sharing territories among your region?


The idea is to remove terrs from the leagues points so they go back to normal instead of being walkered 247.


Territories were already a drag. Now they are unbearable. Having to clear walkers to get the survivor territory or the level up territory or the crafting territory is really annoying and a waste of time.


fix the complaints around terrorties having bugs by making terrorties unattractive and no one uses them

as u can see we have less complaints about terrorties and bugs, that win win for for the person in charge of that issue!


It’s causing conflict in most regions


I watched that episode last night :joy::joy::joy:


Man… just add so we can get thropies from walkers issue solved.


That would help as well


@JB.Scopely any word on updates or like mistac suggestion adding walkers trophies?


I don’t think this poll is well thought out.
Only 2 options, go back to how it was or ‘fk teriorties’
I’m sure there is a 3rd option that could help solve the issues. Like trophies for Capping them or clearing walkers so on so forth.
I think the two options provided in this poll don’t give a true example of what players have been discussing.
It’s a good start though, just need to provide a solution we can work with also.


This is the walking dead not the walking living gg if we can’t work together walkers shall rule


This man gets it. If we let people get league points from clearing walkers, order will take back over. We’ll be using our energy to clear walkers, and most regions will probably even have a couple “useless” territories that we just leave to walkers to freely farm. Not only will we be able to get points again, we’ll get some more survivors and eyeglasses to sell for food.

Either way though, the current state of affairs makes it impossible to hold a territory after shields wear off. Territories are supposed to be just that, our territory, our turf, our chosen faction-wide buff. The current state of the territory map renders them effectively useless.


I thought this was already settled. Only 5% wanted to keep it. Looks like this poll is trending the other way.
Scopely’s going to get the wrong idea.


But also fix the bugs in them. I know we heard this a million times us readers but adding it again for the 400th million time on my behalf ^^


Yeah these bugs are horrid


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