Remove S Class from Draft Arena Defense

We aren’t allowed to use S Class so where’s the fairness in others being able to use S Class on their Defense. Make it so S Class are restricted and aren’t allowed in the mode otherwise you’re leaving people at a severe disadvantage

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They aren’t a problem for me any way and it’s the same rules leader skills do nothing

So a flat 2000ish stat increase does nothing? Sure thing


No wonder it so easy

Lol says the guy in platinum…


Only if you get the right toons to choose from, i love when i get doc stevens and axel for example, i breeze thru almost any teams but its random, well it depends on what bucket youre in but yea where as these made teams in draft also can have crafted weapons so toons that have a bound weapon are once again at a disadvantage and when we get real teams made of s class like shields, decaps, etc. Its not gonna be so easy and when they vet ring them its gonna be a nightmare. Scopelys not fixing it tho, since when have they cared about balance lol

Diamond 3 is hell lol

I had a chance for great score but lost with this guy and my multipler got reset. I won even with this 30k guy but yeah, sclass shouldnt be here or let us pick sclass to our team


Draft is the worst one. They have fully modded weapons and the defense ap boost. It’s pretty hard. Especially if you don’t get like a diego.


draft is just absolute trash

It’s predetermined but?? well that’s what I’ve noticed.

Yeah only platinum 5 :frowning:

Glad someone said it James is killing my whole team

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