Remove No One Heals Advert, crashing the game

This is popping up everytime i do anything

i watch a tapjoy video, it pops up, it clicks off then comes back up again. it crashes the game, needs restarting, comes back up again

plus i do click on lets go everytime


@Clemo81 thanks for the report. Jb has escalated your case to the team for investigation.



This is the new marketing technique. Your game will stop crashing, once you buy the new promo.
May the odds be everrrr in your favour.


Just buy the toon and the pop up will stop .


Has anyone else encountered the problem where you’re autoing a map or something, and your devices screen times out and when you open it up again the new character pop up opens and once you close it ur buttons to claim rewards don’t work? I’m sick of losing roadmap prizes just Cos I didn’t keep my eyes on the screen and stupid scopely think I need to see this new damn toon every time I load up

Someone else happens that when they open the game and the image of secretary appears and the game hangs.



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It’s been happening all morning

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Yes. same happen to me

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yes he so good he kill the phone


More like 75% login reduction


now we lucky they didnt putted 100% on him


Don’t worry, there’s always next month when they start rolling out the blues

We get it scopely. He’s a secretary.

Hit ‘let’s go’ button

I can guarantee I will not be attempting to pull for him and do not appreciate his splash ad showing up every time I do anything game related it is very annoying and makes me not want to even bother opening the app until his promo is gone.

So who do I need to contact about disabling this ad? It’s pretty tacky and desperate on your guys part to be pushing this guy so hard. @GR.Scopely


This has been the norm for just about every promo ever. Here’s some steps to removing the ads:

  1. Lmao

It feels like a cheap flee market in a Chinatown at this point loool
To prevent that you just need a bit more inactivity or an unflinching Zen mind.

We shall see if this will break my 1207 day login streak.

Contact support… They are your only hope!