Remove mod scrap daily limit

Please remove this, at this point there is no reason for a mod scrap cap or the daily wood exchange limit.


Wouldn’t you think at a certain point all the stuff that you ask for every day comes at the cost of performance? Just a question…


Maybe increase the limit. 3m especially during road tournament happens quick.

Yeah, sure, a higher number displayed will significantly decrease performance…
As soon as the scrap counter reaches 180001 the game turns into a flip book :joy: :joy: :joy:

No but hundreds of players with millions of scrap could cause problems. Players cannot be trusted not to hoard ridiculous amounts of items. That’s why they had to enforce the weapon limit a while back and disassemble a bunch of people’s weapons. It was causing server issues.

Caps are necessary. But I agree that it could be increased a bit.

There are so many posts asking for removals of caps to trainers, mods, roster, teams, mod scraps, food limits etc. There is no way that the game could handle all those being implemented.


Simply because having all this wood is annoying. In the game too


As a software engineer, it is my strong belief that the architecture of the game design implements things like caps in inventory and scrap as merely a value set in code.

Weapons are a different matter, as each weapon in your inventory is likely a row in a database. The reason this is different is because your weapon inventory consists of a collection of distinct items, while something like your gear inventory is a distinct item with a quantity value.

Of course this is speculation based on a decade of software design experience, but you would have to be just obtuse to design an inventory system where something like your scrap inventory is a row in a database for every piece of scrap.


This isn’t the first thing this guy asked for an increase on today. Everything you increase encroaches on performance. There are people that run older devices that can’t handle the game very well as it is the more you add the less people can play.


Way to be a troll. How about I just get cynical like some members of the forum and shit on everything anyone says with the tired trope “oh it’s just scopely, they screw up everything and just want your money”

Or I can take a chance at trying to improve my game experience by suggesting an update… Like the name of this forum category implies

Exactly, perfectly explained :+1:

Read @undeadjohn1234’s post above yours, and learn.

Really hope that wasn’t directed towards me but if it was understand that I am not a troll. Not once did I call you a name but I understand if it makes you feel better if you call me one. That being said, you are saying that adding a value to pre-existing code makes no impact on performance? And then tell me What you said about adding more team slots. See my question was with all the stuff you asked for does it hinder performance? It’s a simple yes or no

Are you a software engineer also

With an avatar of /dev/null I’m betting yes. Classic software joke

/Dev/null is where suggestions to scopely end up lol

Where’s there adding? The scrap counter already exists.

I am (7char)

Sadly, yes

Hrhrhrhr lol :joy:

Agrerd why is the daily limit at 1st place !!

Tbf you can just convert it into items and then sell those items to use the wood on days where you don’t make 3M