Remove daily ads limit

Scopely, if you want to do something better for the players remove the limit of ads we get rewarded from tapjoy. Now its 50 a day. Last year there wasn’t any limit. And this is not a limitation from tapjoy. I have already asked them. This is only a scopely limitation. I’m talking about this thing:


You’re lucky to hit 50. Mine stop after 30


Can’t play tap joy games if your an apple user but android users can get loads of free coins from them. Should change that too

You can hit the other 20 after 12 hours but that’s not enough after the fiasco Scopely made with the interview

I’ve tried checking at a later time and I still get nothing

If u reset announces on Google in your phone, you can do the other 20

I think it was Kali back in the day who said that was against theirs or Tapjoy’s TOS. Not losing everything over 60 coins lol

Not when Scopely showed they have the ability themselves to alter ad amounts

Wheres your bucket Parker?!

One of us! One of us!

*Flashes F2P pass* I have no bucket. I was always just on a compost heap lol


Need a bucket holding a f2p pass :rofl:

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My change from day to day, sometimes 30, today only 20 maybe tomorrow 30 again.

Europeans don’t have them at all, maybe we are in wrong bucket

Yeah my bucket only seems to allow 30 per day. Damn bucket must have a hole in it

I leave for 3 days then it stops me at 20, I then leave it for another 2 days it stops me at 13, then I leave it for another 2 days and I do 20 again. Can I get a new Bucket please? Mines leaking tap-joy.

How’s my limit is 30 wtf

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