Remove AOW and replace it with CRW

All out war has become redundant for the majority of regions. Facing the same factions all the time and in most cases the top factions. The regions that are near death or dead can’t participate without being farmed for points by the big spender faction dominating everybody else. AOW is an old event that sadly only works for active regions and those are becoming less and less as time goes by. CRW fixes all the problems that we know of. It’s obvious that CRW should be the new and improved AOW but done better. For a start fix the match making so you get matched with people of simalair power and rank. Increase the milestones to 200k for more exotic prizes. Have random refills drop so we get a nice mixture of war fills, world fills, raid fills, territory fills etc. And just make some solid improvements. For those who like AOW why not do a much smaller CRW so it’s still competitive yet not as grand scale as the big CRW. Compromises are good scopely when done right.

Peace :v:.


God knows why people complain about dead regions when there’s an option to get out of there. Easier rewards? Sure. Demotivating as hell? Damn right.


U a whale?? Geuss not …they only listen to them .make thier customers happy and keep spending …and to hell with everyone else …ur suggestion is perfect to say the least .but who listen :(:sweat:

Then why you still in dead region. CRW is boring as AOW you still mostly the same but easier and more fun fir lower factions. When i see CRW and Bell server i dont even join war because its pointless


It sounds like you’re in the same group that my region typically is.

Excluding Onslaught, which seems to be universally hated, everyone has events they like more than others. My main region is fairly active, but we’re typically matched with half regions around our same age and half that are 2 years older and completely filled with whales. By the middle of Saturday most of the region (and likely a few of the others in our grouping) get extremely frustrated with CRW. It’s not even fun when the entire top 10 is filled with teams from only 2 of the 8 regions in your grouping.

Considering the polls that have been on here the last few weeks about AOW and CRW, it looks like a pretty significant majority also either prefer AOW or at the very least want to do both.

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Over 70% of people voted AOW on a poll (not made by Scopely but doesn’t matter). We haven’t even had one for… Anybody know how long it’s been?

462 votes yeah land slide of users that’s what total of 1 region out of how many. I could easily got 29 more votes gainst it but my alliance told me they don’t even bother with this site. There are a lot of regions who can’t transfer still ours is one. Aow is built to make ur whale faction happy however talking to a whale in our region he said he was happy for aow doesn’t have to buy WAR paks like he did in crw so Scopley just hurting thier pocket books


In multiple threads now you have mentioned this dead region crap. That’s what transfers are for. Sounds like you have a personal problem you need to fix.

And you obviously didn’t see the poll…Or just oblivious to everything. People reply to your complaints and offer solutions in other threads and you’re nowhere to be seen then.

You obviously didn read mine. Can’t transfer and if you think total of 462 votes is the entire comunity think again Mostly whales visit this site I take it ur in a top 3 faction or 1.

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Doesn’t matter how many voted. AOW got the majority. My region can’t transfer either, not many factions left in mine and yet we could still war. I’d rather get better prizes in AOW than getting stuck with the same prizes in CRW as rank 25 does while we’re rank 15+

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Is your region dead?

No crw, aow are good to find new players and test some strats

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What dead region that you know of doesn’t have transfers available?

Also, if you read any of the current threads about the change from crw to aow, you will see that many whales are complaining about it. So the “aow is built for whale factions” comment is not accurate either.

So u never answered what rank is ur faction. Yeah we dead region faction 1 700k rep faction 2 left overs mostly subs for faction 1 or previous faction 1 who couldn’t spend enough just hit 370k rep. Faction 3 230k rep

Karma I really hope Scopley gives you first place factions :poop: in aow. I know my faction just downgraded aow to onslaught participation lvl. If ur bored go for it. I

Im glad the switched aow im sick of crw its the same regions same factions all the time

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What rank is ur faction bleed? Top 3

LMFAO you are so clueless. You’re in a NEW region, not a DEAD one. There is a difference.


And you don’t need to be offended that forum members voted for CRW. Sounds like you have a personal problem that needs fixing.

Yeah u not admitting ur in a top faction proving my point point fingers all u want deflect that all you want it’s all me.