Remove 4* tokens as rewards from everything

4* tokens are useless at this stage in the game. Plenty of lvl ups with 5* tokens as rewards makes it easy to get 5* toons. Every 40 pull lands you 39 4*. Basic tokens at least give you fodder for all these level ups but 4* tokens are attained very slowly and only gets you 1 toon that you probably won’t even use.


Agreed but there are a few toons thru ascension that can help players out, so would be a bad idea to take them out completely.

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Shockly I have to agree. It has never been updated since last Year, except for 3 characters and
with the addition of so many new characters to Premier Recruits it’s really useless. If I just had
Axel I would also stop using my Tokens, but this Crap Wheel literally spit out every character in
there except for Axel for me :frowning:

100% agree

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