Removal of season trophies from territories?

Our territories have been a mess ever since seasons started. Does anyone else think it would be a good idea to remove the trophies from territories?


I think it would be better to reward holding territory. If you hold a territory for an hour or longer, it should give trophies depending on territory rank. And I also think the weapon crafting territories shouldn’t give trophies so that people in regions can continue to share them with no problems.


Something needs to happen. Not a single faction in our region holds a territory over an hour


Personally I would like to see the trophies moved to daily road. Just my thoughts on it.

My thoughts exactly. Since the very beginning of this mess, in fact.

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Daily Road would be a great spot for them

At first I hated the only holding Terrys for an hour however this has made it so much better for the entire region. Lower factions have chances at terrs and you don’t have factions coining and hogging the xp terrs or survivor ones, energy ones etc. This allows everyone to be able to hop on and likely be able to grab some terrs they need.
The one huge issue I have is idiots think it’s funny to leave terrs to walkers.
I believe that trophies would be better used in leveling or farming with a daily cap for those 2 as it could get extreme. I don’t think scopley looked at all the down falls with having territories included in gaining trophies nor do I think they care.


True the lower factions may have a chance but since they will only have it for an hour there will only be a couple of the members that get to take advantage of it

I should get the medals in relation to the atm of hours u hold tyem. 12 points per hour, multiplied by the number of hour s . Hold a territory for an hr, get 12 pts. 2 hrs, 24, 3, 36… Give them out every hour. If it’s the same amt per hour, it will just continue. I have to ramp the atm of tickets earned up to make it worth while.

It would be nice to be able to hold territories again to earn more tokens, 5*, elite tokens, ect.

Exactly. Now terries working as they should work imo. Every fac has a chance to have them for a some time

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Yes but that’s the point. When you hop on you take what terrs you need and for that time you have them grind. I collect so many more tokens now then before.
I understand where your coming from as I was the same way at first. Wanting people to stack and hold it. But it’s also much nicer not haVing to try and take xp terr from a faction that has over 90k stacked. We only have 3 teams we can place and 10 energy. Basically every time energy refills I can take 3 terrs and farm or level or whatever I may need to do.

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We taken matters into on own hands. We started a buddy system. Factions are paired up and we stack them up for our buddies and vice versa. It has been going pretty well for the most part.

Maybe another fix would be to have iugo fix the fact that territories, that have weak teams, don’t get pushed out by walkers?? I noticed that this happens a lot, the other day I had a teams of 1★ and they got removed by walkers not from being attacked. BUT then again this is probably a feature not a bug.

They’re still being removed by attacks, it’s just the weak teams get taken out so quickly you can’t catch the payers doing the hits and not placing teams.

Even if you catch the players doing it, it doesn’t do anything. You can shame them on gc and they will still doing it. I really don’t get why scopely is keeping this function active and giving out trophies for it. Start fresh season 3 and remove these trophies. Everyone is still on the same even playing field.

If it’s from others attacking why does the pop-up say “your team has been pushed out by walkers”

It says that any time your team is removed and another faction doesn’t take it over. That’s the message you get when they walker your territory.

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