Removal of League Coins to Encourage Competition; Does it Actually?

So by now we’ve probably all heard the news;

But I want to focus on 1 aspect in particular and that’s the reasoning. Apparently this is intended to evoke competition, but I’m fairly certain it’ll have the exact opposite effect for many.
In terms of coins for Diamond ranking, if you’re in mid-Platinum and below the goalpost is far enough away that there’s not really any point in trying.
Honestly the only place I can see this sparking competition is Diamond I to avoid demotions and Platinum V which is going to be such a shitshow I don’t wanna go anywhere near it.
As for the top 3 cutoff this is going to be harmful as well. It makes it beneficial to throw leagues for a few weeks, be purposefully demoted and then squash people below you on your way back up. If enough people do this then again mid-tier players are gonna get shut out.

So with that being said it’s time for the meaty stuff; where do you stand? Will the reduction of coins motivate you to participate more?

  • Yes, I’m gonna smoke these scrubs!
  • Eh, I’ll keep steady and won’t change
  • No, this makes me want to care and participate less

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And for bonus flavor; Do you like/support the decision to largely remove coins?

  • Yes
  • I don’t care
  • No
  • Hell no!

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So personally; I’m going to be deep in not caring and participating in leagues. I’ve been hovering in Platinum IV and V for a long time now. So this should be grade A motivation for me right? I’m so close!
Hell no. I’ve been stagnant pretty much since leagues begin in ranking because of the piss-poor way it’s structured. I’ve always half-assed solo events in favor of faction ones. It’s easier to take on whales in groups rather than all individually. Because of this I run largely natural. Hit territories whenever I can, raid whenever I can, play it cool until a faction event is up at which points it’s all systems go. The one time I can remember getting promoted was because I had the entire weekend off for war and fought nonstop getting trophies each battle and finishing #1 for that week. Otherwise; nothing. My stagnation isn’t a result of not caring about rewards or lack of desire to engage in territories or raids or lack of activity in general; it’s due to prioritizing faction events and being buried by the bonus trophies for ranking in solo tourneys.

As per usual with these polls I make I think I know how this one is going to overwhelmingly swing, but I’ll wait it out and work my conspiracy theory later…


Removal of coins will most certainly make competition lower. If they wanted more competition, Scopely should have kept the standard amounts of coins given out, but increase the amount given to each person in top 10 for each league ranking.


It encourages me to quit lol


Pretty much my plan. Going to let myself sink to Platinum I, work my way back up to Platinum V rinse and repeat.


You’re totally right. But wait, a sensible suggestion and not off topic anime. Has someone hacked your account?

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I think the team have grossly misjudged this one @JB.Scopely top 3 only? Yeah I dont see that revitalsing competition.

I guess time will tell and perhaps season 4 can be made better.



Yay… now i don’t have to waste countless hours grinding anymore. I’ll play casually now. Smh…


The excuse is ‘‘stale for 2 months needs to be revamped for more competition’’ really?
How about scav camps being stale for over 2 YEARS?
Or territorries being buggy and reloading games for over 2 years?
How about the classic "faction rewards for LVLUP & Raids are poor cuz factions don’t engage in much competition’’ but that one time when a 5* was given (mistakes were made) all factions were battling it out for it lol making it clear that better rewards DO MAKE facs engage but yet nothing is done and to this day they still fall flat.
Nah,this is beyond a bad decision playerwise but hey you guys are planning on launching new gen2 premiers so you had to cut this type of income, god forbid players to actually be able to farm ingame coins.
2019 has just started and they’re showing how much they still suck :v:t3:


Why would one waste the coins to maintain top 3 in diamond league for what 700 coins? @JB.Scopely you should bring this very question up to your “team”


Leagues should have been about everyone not just a small group of people. It was that way already - but now its basically become another whale function in the game and you have decided to ostracize the majority of the community. Great job.


In other words they aren’t generating enough profit handing out coins but what they fail to understand is all this does is alienate the majority of the player base and will encourage less spending


Remember there are no whales without f2p


Well…They screwed up again…971024467958th time?

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Im generally in diamond 3, completely removing coins from the lower leagues was just a dick move to be blunt about it. And yes im a whale and even I agree with my statement before this.


Wtf man, i’m not paying for this if you don’t allow F2P players to get coins. I already spent a LOT for this game but don’t get me wrong, if you don’t reward F2P players there’s no reason to play. We are not your money cow, we are people.


I wouldn’t say it encourages it, but more of incentives it. I hang around in Platinum because there wasn’t a big difference in the amount of coins I got compared to Diamond, nor did I really have to burn a lot of resources to maintain in Platinum.

While having coins in primarily Diamond is going to push some players to use resources to get there, I still wouldn’t bother because I wouldn’t want to deal with extra competition. (Unless the coin rewards are drastically increased in Diamond).

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Never seen a company make such stupid descisions overall this consistently since this games inception, The vast majority of the community did not want these changes it makes leagues pretty pointless now already cooling off in the Qualifier.


If things are stale, surely you’d give more, not take stuff away. Such a silly move


Maybe, JB’s trolling everyone, since people called him the biggest troll in the game. I can’t wait till he says he was just trolling around.


Love how the coin offers keep popping up now…! But what are we really buying?? What have Scopes been giving us through leagues??


we are not exchanging real money for equivalent value at all! It’s FAKE money.