Remembrance of days past


Michonne head came from wheel and to pull from it you had to keep warring… Or atleast thats what I think happened…

It was rare and I grinded endlessly to get it.

This also was the featured release of the museum. Where we could have some guarantee outcomes, but with that came the collection counts limits. Overall a healthy addition and step away from our rng wheels which never liked me.

Share your remembrance before they remove these past collections.


I remember thinking I had all Sunday to raid and attempt at getting her head only for Scopley to stop the items dropping from raids mid-tournament.

Still the moment in my eyes where they moved from incompetence to intentional deception…


Had nightmares about that head for months lol

I remember a faction mate buying every crate on offer for that Michonne head, over a thousand dollars and he didn’t get it.


Close behind michonne head event was turkey tokens.

Boy oh boy this was dark days for me. Nearly everyone but me pull 2 epics from this whell whole I got nothing. Unfortunately this was far to common in these random draw event wheels. I wanted that neuter hersh so bad…

Overall liked the event. Just hated the rng/lack of control during every event.

I got that head from the very last bag I could obtain. I miss those times honestly.

I remember when they sold one walkie talkie and one school bag plus other gear for $99.99…

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Next we had the winter holiday event.


If memory serves, this was a garanteed epic wheel with winter Lori as the new offering.

I enjoyed these events having unique toons. Cause even if you had everything (which I did not), you wanted to try and get the new toon.

These ornaments sat in my inventory for over a year. It was too painful to try and sell the 200k+ I had amassed.

Thus concluded 2016.

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Ornaments was the best collection. Without shattered ornaments we would have never had Wendy-Gate

I for one will never forget the candle collection I maxed out, only to not get the Garrett and be told by support that I had never collected any candles #neverforget

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Was a raid tourney got mine on my last pull after doin like 30k Guy ahead of me did like 35 and didn’t get the head

i miss this times Screenshot_20190126-142626_Walking%20Dead (didnt get jesus or dwight xd)

Lmao I still have them in my inventory
Due to laziness basically even with the speed increase I just never bothered

I remember when Warlord (rip) was one of the luckys that got 2 comics in a crate and got both toons.
These were some of my fave events. Mainly just brings back memory’s of so many who are now retired. The game was so fun back then due to the people/event combo

I miss warlord. =-(

Such a cool dude but all things considered he was in medical school. Probably best to not spend time on this game.

He was gonna be my husband we drew up “official documents” lmao he was a breath of fresh air anytime he hopped on the game. I was truly sad to see him go
I remember our first hif war. We got into the faction that morning and literally war popped up randomly on a Thursday night. Hif didn’t last long but most those people I still talk to fairly regularly

Grinded my butt off for some event with a Lee shield in it.Countless world refills later with the event nearing End I managed to get him on my final pull phewww.

And this was the collection that started the worst meta in the game…
6 stars.

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