Remembering the 5 star Era and why it was good

Note:I may make another saying why it was bad.
Suggestions, Critics, memes welcomed

1.Battles went fairly quickly
2.You could earn gear in game on certain days to level up your survivors
3.You could use 4 stars to fight vs 5 stars
4.War went fairly quickly you could give a beating or take it and move on.
5.Less grindy.Salvage tokens was a great idea to help with this but I suggest taking those away and just let us do it free after we beat a stage.

Now you guys decide some things why you like it or not.


The game changed when the whales couldn’t spend anymore. Then the 6* became the next big then someone decided… S Class was the way to go.

Sooner or later, shards will be the next big thing and if someone from programming and game designs listen to the players… this game would be improving over time then waiting for the spenders to fade away.

Until the money stop flowing expects no changes…


Honestly remember just as much fourm crying when 5* were a thing. From the 5 andrea teams to the konrads… to the pirya teams… from the OP weapons like stun, abs def, impair (mods balanced them out just a bit). I think it’s a case of remembering the past in a better light than it actually was


Even before all that unkillable abe and Morgan. It wasnt that great.

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I agree, people are still upset about everybody else’s team. People still said we bought our teams LOL.

Yeah I struggled with konrad and priya back in 5* era. I do much better for myself now.

There was always a way to beat a team in the 5* era…

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5* era was not good lol.

Special trait weapons had no viable counter.
Matches were very RNG due to weapons
Turn 1 teams/45 AP was the meta.


Remember when we could only have 3 teams saved :joy:

You do realise that the collectibles are actually an implementation quite close to the shard system?

Months required to get a single toon.

Most of the negatives of the 5star era was due to the hop to 6stars

#3 for sure. It was amazing that you could take a well put together team of mostly 4* and beat a good 5* team with a little thought and planning.

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The part I miss the most is being able to directly pull a toon and level them up to usable in a short time period before they became obsolete. Now I look at the two month period i have to even max a single character to change my team and it just gets depressing

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Oh. Well. That’s back. Just pull S class Mercer.

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5 star era was horrible

  • No viable way? I think it’s more like seemingly NO way to counter special trait weapons
  • Most effective toons had to be pulled. At least you can now grind for a Pete and Priya
  • At one point it seemed like there were 400+ 5 star toons in the game, and you probably had only like 40 of them, if you were F2P.

I remember rolling my eyes when I came across a team with fast Priya and Teresa. Had practically zero chance against them.

About a month later, the 6 star era started.


Scopely doesn’t care about improving, just about how much profit they can make. It’s clear. Meaning they just screw up blitz war offered us a halved assed compensation then hit us with this bs right before war. Yeah it’s a gift for the whales but what about non whales? Why are the spenders the only ones being valued? Should’ve been a paid app in App Store so I would know to keep away…I regret ever downloading this game smh. Look at most other top mobile games and u see money is mainly just used to seem more elite than other players there’s no pay wall and disadvantage when you’re not a big spender. F scopely

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But u do realize all these new stuff scopely brought up could’ve been placed in 5* era? Like just how they could’ve been s class toons without scopely thinking of resist mods or making them grindable. Invalid argument

The only bad thing about the 5* era was that top factions were hogging prizes. That’s what starting most players to resign. As a result most regions kept dying because whenever a new region opened the players who couldn’t get to the top in specific regions shifted to new regions to get on top but this problem could’ve been fixed had scopely implemented region transfers earlier

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Yup, but in effect those things are really resets aren’t they?

Next year this time, there could be another “reset”