Remember when we were excited

About out war pulls? Is anyone even bothering and what will be in next wheel? Nothing worthwhile I might just t4 kapoor for the goody hat.


I’m 4 pulls away from maxing Kapoor then I have no ideas what I’m going to do since I have the toons on the wheel

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Permanent so we can wait on the exciting new characters. Betting hina, lance, birdman.

I remember not being excited about my team of yellow kals lol


More exciting than this…

I’ll take that bet
No way they put promos within a couple months up

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What they going to put up bide or paybacks?

The problem with the regular game is that we only see short timed events and pretty bad events.

Crossbones was a long and fun event, all the people loved, also the michelle event. But now these short n useless events are killing the game

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Was crossbones the piper evemt?

Yup, A good group got gear and a lot of benies…

Let’s not gloss over how terrible that event was. Rewards were great but event sucked.



Also is gator the only generalist 6*

I got Harper first and then Pamela…guess I’ll just start saving up for the wheel refresh

Only pulled because I’ve got no interest in maxing Kapoor he’s useless

Would love for next wheel to be exciting maybe it’ll give people more inspiration to war harder

People only remember the Bennie boxes, and not how much this event sucked. It’s the way of this game, rewards trump everything.

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Title No my memory is not that good

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I just loved those supreme crates, basically got me 3 s-class toons from them, I’d grind again for them defo

im really trying hard to pull. I did one pull and got pamela…not happy but not disappointed as well. She might come handy near future. Harper and Diego are extremely good and i want them and i also want the wheel NOT to be updated anytime soon.

I wouldn’t know, I’ve only opened three of them.

But of course I would also grind for them again, hate it and then not use them for a year or two. It’s the way of this game.

I’ll never understand mentality of hoarding stuff to never use.

All about collecting heads. Need 14 an can T4 Kapoor.

Not entirely sure why folk say he useless. Heals has maim and is a free Sclass. I use him along with Christina and Pete works for me.

From looking at war tokens onky one is want is Harper anyways an slim chance on pulling her