Remember when it was fun?

When you would get excited about a new event where you could actually earn and farm for collectibles, that were not strictly available by purchase?

Still waiting for those “events” where I can get keys or shot glasses.

Would be nice to play the odd event that offers a level playing field determined by actual skill rather than the ability to simply press the “confirm purchase” button.

Seems like the game has been reduced to an extortion racket run by greasy shills. Well done @JB.Scopely. The skull token stuff looks damn good on y’all.


Everyone agrees the best thing is getting new toons… They know that and you don’t spend, you don’t get new toons


It’s sad. They are capitalizing on people’s addiction to digital pixels.


Well said. I spe. nd plenty of money on this game and I’m slowly working away from it. I thought this event was going to be fun but you have to pay to finish the road maps. I don’t see us getting keys or shot glasses for free when they can sell them for 49.99 and get 200+ for Martinez.

Its messed up how scopely takes advantage of weak willed individuals and gets them addicted to gambling. But then again, if the business works, do the ethics really matter?




it is still fun for me but i am thinking i am in a minority here

Curious, what elements of the game do you still find most enjoyable?

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There are definitely still a few fun parts, but they are being taken over by events and decisions that aren’t enjoyable.


The circus show that is the forums is hands down the most enjoyable


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Disregard the first part but the 2nd and 3rd part ring super true. Every post after this is hidden by them. I tried posting multiple times about it being easier to win the lottery than get a promo toon.

They literally want to milk this game and then kill it.

Bet they hide this too and I’ll repost it until they can admit how scummy they are. I could run the company better. Hire me and prove me wrong those who shall not be named cause I could easily tell you how to turn this game into a profitable venture that is enjoyable by the community.

Kook shouldnt be allowed to reply being a soldier for the game devs.


Scopely said that they’d rollback the tokens and fix the token wheel, they’ve not done either…

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Scopely is like that cheating ex some ppl have… They screw you over repeatedly but yet we keep coming back for god knows what reason… I finally ditched herUploading: Screenshot_20190524-142607.png…

good bye :wave:

The problem is that the current events don’t really give something tangible to work for.

Huge massive loopholes aside, the current event will grant most a few coins that they’ll piss away on not pulling a character. Ultimately the majority won’t see a significant improvement in their roster from it.

The Fire token event is the same. Unless you have the toons, you are faced with a stupid decision between trying to complete a stash which gets you insufficient items to max out the featured toon, or pull from the wheel with a minuscule chance at getting the constituent toons. No real solid improvement will occur at the end of it for most.

Leagues has given everyone a mediocre toon but nothing else to really work for. Not seen a single “shall I get Leon” post. We had them every week during previous seasons.

Call it a roster, call it a toolkit, but a lot of player’s are stagnating right now. And that is why the game isn’t any fun.


Yeah it was great I remember the thrill when a war started, almost everyone I’m my faction are gone and if I login is like once a month I don’t know if I’m still in my faction but probably I’m still as everyone I knew is in the same boat as me

Kook is a CM lol

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No, he takes money under the table.

Kinda, kook is the alt account lol theyve been here for awhile even tho the accounts kinda new