Remember This Scopely


Looks like Scopely decided to make their pockets fatter while keeping f2p players down. I’d be interested in knowing why this rule was changed, if I can get a response to it…

“This Ascendance process will be the only way to create these new legendary 6-Star characters, and while the cost (8 Epics + 1 fully upgrade Epic)…”

"A Road All Must Travel

Don’t expect to see 6-Star characters as a possibility in Recruits and Rewards - Ascendance is the only way to get them -…"

"How do I get Legendary Recruits? Can I buy them?

Legendary Recruits will not be available for direct purchase in Recruits and Rewards. They can only be obtained by ascending your maxed out Epic Recruits."


also remember thay asked us what 5* we would like to seen in 6*? did we get those? was this oportinity to make vernon more usable? or gator? carol? yes… but did they do it? NO!!! players first, yeah right… $$ first all what matters


And where is that?

They said he was on the list for 6* for early 2018. But so far we have not seen his 6* version yet, bud. :wink:


Don’t hold your breath, it will probably be a new style Gator like Hershel, Rosita etc…


I didn’t cry for no Gator, did I?

But unlike you said, there is no 6* version of Gator yet. They could still decide to skip on some legendaries. Might aswell be Gator. Or they come up with a new one, wo knows?