Remember this Scopely?


I sure do. So, Scopely, when are you gonna deliver? Or are you gonna keep going back on things like you always do?



So… someone finally brings up the source of the quote, but then try to interpret it as saying something, when it meant something else.

Tuning the economy(to provide said resources) is not the same as all players will get 8 free 5s every month. One states opportunity while the other states outcome. Players can choose not to participate in events and end up getting 0 5s, but they had the opportunity to do otherwise.

So for consistency’s sake, every event is 2-3 days long. The pattern they seem to be sticking with currently is that top 10 in solo tournaments gets a 5*. Top 3 factions in regular war gets a 5*, and I forgot the numbers for CRW. Faction Raid has been giving prestige tokens and we haven’t had faction LU/SR in a while. There’s a lot of calculations based on uncertainty, but there’s no denying that there is the opportunity for F2P players to get at least 8 5s a month if they participate and perform well. (Note, that’s merely based on tournament rewards; this doesn’t factor in 5s gained from ascending 4s too or other types of events) Looking at this week and last week(and upcoming war), there is opportunity to earn 6 5s from 10/16 to 10/29.


I understood too there is chance to get up to 8 5*s, so 13.3 farming and pulling for benedicts. Events are not for f2p, fk em.


it should be more clearer then, and not just say f2p. It also says weekly roadmaps for acendanve medals and legendary medals. Still hasn’t come. They never hold their end of the bargain.


Surprised this thread hasn’t been closed or flagged?




It’s coming Sunday


I know, exciting right? Is this the first time they’ve have actually done it weekly? Pretty cool, hopefully they can keep it up.

I heard it will be ultra gear. Apparently they are still working on the triple act roadmap.


DAILY ! Why keep us short on beanis etc anyways, when they act like its the same rarity than Hiking boots, 3*'s ? I get more 5* toons than freaking 3star gear. Evil Company.


Beanies/flaks should get moved into silver radios.

  • they should also remain in rotation in gear maps
  • should be able to farm around 8 per month to support ascending for high activity players (i.e. something that p2p and f2p can work towards)

Silver map gear should be moved to bronze.

Bronze rewards are not needed.


That there is a gear map on Sunday? I hacked VK, got a leak on their leaks.




Why’d you ruin it?! :joy:


Definitely think we should hold Scopely to their word.



Scopely be like “shirts and gloves are gear…”


My new name for Verd is VIKI just because. The resemblance is undeniable.

They just need to release timelines for all the said plans form the initial onset of ascendance to shut up most people. Also it just shows respect to the players.


What’s “VIKI” lol.


I mean, it was pretty clear. When I read through the blog the first time, never did my mind jump to "free 8 5s every month." It’s a pretty specific thing to say and also realistically improbable given how 5s were gated pretty heavily.

And yes, the other stuff like weekly roadmaps for ascendance medals and gear is a problem because it hasn’t arrived yet, but I didn’t really want to touch on it becomes those features weren’t promised instantaneously, but rather in the future. But even so, if it takes 2 months for them to implement something they promised, that’s a big issue too.


I lost count but I think the 9 five star toons per month is pretty much accurate, probably more for spenders.

The promised weekly roadmaps is the biggest issue, I don’t get why we aren’t seeing them.

It was their post that clearly said weekly roadmaps for gear, no possible way to misinterpret that.

Weekly gear maps.