Remember the old days?

Remember the old days when the gear roadmap showed up every Tuesday and it was farmable? When you needed 18 long coats but it was ok because you could just go to the stage that had long coats and farm it 18 times? Why is that not a thing any more? It’s like when ever we have a good thing going them bullies come and take it away. I’m not a game making expert but I feel like if you want happy players you have to do things to make them happy. Not give them stuff and take it away and then have the gull to try to sell it to them for $29.99. Sorry, had a little rant. Keep on surviving!


Yeah that was nice but I also remember the days of never having enough food to ever level up a toon




Ooh Yeah I member.

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Remember when this game was fun?

That’s the real question.


Your beautiful rant nearly brought a tear to my eye as I fondly remembered a time when this game used to be fun to play. Sadly that time has long since passed.


No, I don’t ever remember that happening, people were generally very happy with the Ultra rare & Elite gear maps rotating every week.

I remember people complaining about there being no roadmaps for legendary gear which intensified after Albert wrote a letter promising it, but I don’t ever recall seeing complaints about the weekly farmable gear maps we used to have (unless they went missing).


Yeah you could farm but it was once a month so… I don’t see the difference

Es cierto en aquel tiempo era divertido…
Ahora es estresante el tener tantos prsnjs y no tener el equipo para mejorarlos. (6*)

Back when I were a nipper we had to walk 15 mile in snow just to get a 4 star.
but I tell ya what
we were bloody happy!

I remember getting so excited about receiving even a crappy 5* because “I’ll make it work”. Then subsequently being destroyed turn 1 by a team of promos that are now worthless. Lol good times

I remember the days when we could sell gear for food. Now sell gear get less points and make it some dumb depot store

my 1st ever 5 star was blue Darius and I was pleased ^0^ >_<

The north remembers!

I agree, it’s sucks that basic gear is so difficult to get in the quantities that we need nowadays. Especially since that gear is now more important than ever before, bc of the constant bombardment of level ups yo-dawg-i-5aac08The concern isn’t happy players, it’s $
:rofl::rofl:I love this meme

It doesn’t make sense for them to give us the gear maps we’ve been begging them to bring back ever since they introduced the universally panned Elite and Ultimate Gear Maps version 2.0. And as much as I would love for them to bring back the old maps, I’ve made my peace with the fact that it’s not going to happen. 🤷 It doesn’t make sense financially for them to do it. And as much as I need basic gear I’m more concerned with the 6* gear and legendary medals roadmaps that we were assured were coming.

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Remember when they wanted $99.99 for a walkie talkie/school bag?


Im trying to keep up, I really am. But I don’t have time to do these lame time sink maps and the other pop up maps we have. I have been spending the last year watching my resource stockpile get smaller, and smaller, and smaller.

We have all watched scopely run what once was a great game into the ground.
I’m trying to “keep on surviving” but theres only so much I can do without paying, and honestly im not paying for anything but 1 buck deals and maybe 30 day pass. Im not paying 25 a month, I wouldn’t do that for 5 pulls a day, even in they rolled over. I just wouldn’t.

But for a game where the game runners have never heard of the word balance, well lets just say I suspect it only thrived, and now survives on the licence alone.

When I run out Im out, IF I can still get by until I accrue enough resources to ascend a level a 5* or 6* then Great. But if not Im not gonna kill myself because scopely doesnt know how to manage their stuff.

There was a time I kind of wanted to walk away, but it is looking more and more like scopely wants to phase out free to play and casuals.

and if they don’t want our money when they do offer a non insulting deal, fine they can take their whale gambling addict money.

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