Remember the coin wheel?

I think it’s time for another coin wheel…something grindable for those who aren’t able to spend tons of money. Give the unfortunate one’s who are trying to hang (like myself) a reason to stay with an opportunity to make coin, do pulls, and be competitive because right now we have no chance!

They won’t ever do that event again just because of skullgate


I’d much rather have another faction assault event. More realistic too. Maybe with the next token event they can throw one our way

Or make rewards worth something again. They’ve been an absolute joke for far too long.

Every event should offer 6* toons, not meaningless trainers taking up roster space.

Give your player base some damn excitement for once Scopely.

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The coin wheel was actually going to be heavily critiqued until the “exploiting” became avaialble. So yea, I don’t foresee it ever coming back.

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The only way I see it coming back is if they locked everybody in again and that would cause an uproar.

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