Remember that time when


My first 5* was red Maggie with a sawn-off shotgun. In hindsight, focus turned out to be a valuable thing.


Yes, before 6*s Fight Club was nearly unbeatable



Obviously a grenade, watch her hand, you can clearly see the grenade tossed



does anyone have a screenshot of Survival Road Jesus when he was super OP


Is this the one you are talking about?

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Remember the time when it was much easier to lvl up a character’s AR??
I do, and it was glorious


When he was released, he revived all teammates. They changed him after release, but before any players had enough SR tokens to get him.


Remember that time when we all got coins for participating in leagues and we were all happy and then they got greedy and took them away… :smirk:


I was js bc there is like 30 fight clubs
How you know about Colbert fc?


I started in Colbert


Which faction?


yep, how crazy would have he been if they kept it that way

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