Remember that time when


No she doesn’t.


Yes, she does


My first 4* was green parting shot rod. Behind yellow 3* Glenn I was op haha.


How far into the game was the choose your side Jesus and Dwight event?


4* Abe was my first 4*. And 4* Abe > 4* Jesus I’ll not hear otherwise


Beth was better then both of them


I only got her after I got 5* so she’s naturally unimportant lol


I member


Remember when pepper ridge farms was a good meme?Me neither.


Jesus kicks, I’m sure the animation for 3* fast Holly headbutts.

I wanna find her now & check.


Jesus definitely kicks. Still got that mo-fo. First and only ever premier toon pull for me.

Don’t recall Holly headbutting, and I used to run her a lot. Interested if someone can check


Kinda looks like a headbutt.


So it is! Either that or she’s dosing them with some halitosis…


Just how bad is that halitosis if she can knock out zombies with it? I mean, they probably don’t have the freshest breath themselves.


Remember the first time you beat the number 1 guy in raids. The people in Fight Club were our Giants. When they were king that is


Green apple bottom Joshua was my first 4 and used him forever purely for dat ass.


4* jesus and 4* abe and 4* chuck. Used them for a long time. Even used 3* tough billy for awhile after my first 5*. Blue karlson, mini gun victor, and santa negan were first 5*s got them all about same time as negans first premiere. Did a single for fun one night and out popped negan.




Why no love for molly? She was badass. Would be nice to see her as a 6*


I still remember one of my first premier recruits attempts. I did a single for Yellow 5* Governor with Tutor. Couldn’t believe I got him, back then he was just my second 5*. 2 days later the game crashed on me and wouldn’t load and I was devastated.