Remember that time when


When this Eugene was gonna be the worst 5* in existence


Wayland killed eugene and took his apron


And this post is supposed to be…?


Maybe that toolbox is where Eugene stores Dwights tool after he bit it off


Davie took eugenes tool box :frowning:


Now we know why he has that big grin :smile:


Screw Eugene, remember when Koa was going to be the worst 6* in existence?


I remember when all this was fields & you could feed a family of 8 for tuppance a week.


I remember the Ascendable Ezekiel event with those Shiva tokens. Used that to pull my favorite 5*, Javier.


Remember when there weren’t even 5* tokens?image


Remember your first 4star toon…?

And you thought it was awesome!


Green Joshua. He was my leader until Andrea came out, then I switched off between the two. Even after I got my first five star at the anniversary event, I still used him.

Heck, I remember when 2 star Gabriel was my best toon!


2* Isabel kicked 2* Gabriel’s ass.

3* Holly was truly epic, rush head-butts three enemies, there really should be more head-butting toons.


Wasn’t she a full AOE rush? Devastating at the time.

I remember thinking Sandy was amazing. I spend so long trying to work out if I said the right things to her during the story mode whether she’d drop as a character.


He’s still dog shit


4* Shane. But I actually never really liked him, then I got 4* Rosita who changed my Team forever back then


First 4* I really remember using was Limited Edition Dwight. Loved that guy back in the day.


I remember having a full team of Isabel’s and Christas along with that 3* Glenn


She kicks not head butts I think


She throws a grenade