Release Governor already


Almost paid 100 bucks :joy:


To be honest Jeremiah is the shit. He’s like magna on crack.

Once he pops everyone dies


Madison lead with Jeremiah and mira gets those Carl teams down in 3/4 turns.


Kinda wish I had. The only red I have is Mira. So far can’t get a ranged team to work. They have released so many more meelee.


I love my reds on attack, I am one of those with multiple miras but jeremiah makes it all work


Never gave me trouble once. I always stun him before I take him out. I would much rather be able to neut a toon every turn. I do like Jeremiah’s rush but on def its wasted. Not saying he is bad at all far from it. Still he doesn’t hold a candle to the Gov. in my opinion.


Oh yeah he’s trash as a defence toon even with a stun gun, I would rather run 2 boobs in defence than him. On attack though, he’s sweet and gonna be useful for quite a while with that buff/debuff

Would love to be able to mix those options up further with a governor…


Lately, they have. Trying to balance out against all the f2p blues I think. Did you miss out on Dwight? What about picking up Ty from the depot? There are other decent f2p blues like Yumi and to a much lesser extent Abe that can be pulled from the 5-star wheel of saddness if extremely lucky.


Yeah, I wouldn’t say no to getting him in a stash type deal for sure. Basically, there really is no good defense at the moment. So we might as well build the best offense we can.

At this point, I think they are holding back on the Gov. just to see us beg. I really do not see what is causing the delay. There is no reason not to release him. It’s been 5 months.


How is that a problem? Five red is the easieat teams to beat with Mira active talent, Tyreese’s and Dwight


I have Dwight ty and Abe as well as Shane. But no ranged team so far does well against a Carl lef meelee team. And even worse against a windowless team maybe I ought to try them more. But so far the greatest successes in raids/wars have been with meelee teams.


As a proud jeremiah owner he is the absolute shit on attack -70 defense down at 66 ap and its game over I legit one shot anyone under that effect after that no matter if its a carl lead or as erika lead defense the only time I can’t is when am hit with rick rush that causes it -70 attack I believe.


agreed. i think anyone down playing jeremiah straight up doesnt have em on their roster or doesnt know how to utilize em correctly. you can make that mf pop r2. from there its good fight, good night.

edit: as for the topic, im guessing hell release toward the end of the rise of power premiers. no i dont have proof. lol.


stop being a greedy hoe


mine does fine, dwight, xmas zeke, shane, siddiq and alpha


Seems to me that you’ve almost spent a shit ton of money.


No one is downplaying Jeremiah on offense. The point is on def he is nothing special. It is extremely easy to stop any ar from ever going off now. His buff will never affect me when I attack. But having a neut on your defense team means that every turn he is alive he is going to stop a toon’s ar from going off unless you stun him.


Lmao. Covering alot of amounts there bud. Which one is it?? :thinking: it’s almost something right? :joy:


Yep almost nothing = slightly under a thousand. Say, maybe you could’ve actually done something productive with that “almost nothing”? No one actually F2p (MEANING THAT THEY SPENT NOTHING) anything outside of mira. So stfu.


The amount of t4 green free-to-play toons are increasing everyday. Yet we only have Mirabelle as a f2p red toon to counter them. Governor needs to be released like right now Scopely