Release Governor already


It’s time release the gov ASAP


He’s an alert. I’m sure they are holding him to stop the use of five stun guns if whales haven’t pulled four red epics already.


There’s a lot of things everybody wants Scopely to do already that they should have done by now.

Line starts this way, sir.


fixed for accuracy


Right. Sure we do. We have Mira, Mira, and Mira. Oh an someday in a galaxy far, far, away we have Tara. There is also Rick but he’s not easy to get from what I remember. Wow so many to choose from.

Looks pretty solid to me. He’s the second neut. He hits one hard and can impair 3 for 2 turns. Def is a bit low but this is pre buff stats so we shall see. Ony thing that stinks is recover burn. I will gladly equip him with a stun gun and take some of the pressure off of Mira from the blues.


Yes there are a good number of reds but for true f2p players and casual spenders, only Mirabelle is readily available.

In my personal experience about 75% of reds I see are Mirabelles, about 10% Erikas and 15% all the rest combined.

In regards to quality, I’d say Governor will be one of the best reds with his heavy attack with impair to 3 and neutralize skill. Both would very helpful in heavy Carl & Shiva teams. Sure, his active skill could be better.

If he were a premier recruit and if I were to spend again, I’d pull for him over Rosita, Jeremiah, Tara, Rick, Richard, Madison, Lucas and the other Governor. I’d go as far to say the only better reds are Hershel and Mirabelle.


Agreed. I would love to get Hershel on the team. Really hoping the next nugget event is red and it’s him. Don’t see why not. Sure he’s great but so is Zeke and they gave him away for free. Well, here is to wishful thinking. lol

If I had to bet its gonna be Rosita and while she won’t do much on a defense she will be decent for sr and fa. Not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.


We need another neutrilizer 6* there is only one so far so if for no other reason we need gov released !!!



I have posted this a few times before but @kalishane liked it so maybe we can get her to work some magic over there and convince the team to release him…soon.


I have all the material ready for my Gov. If I had to speculate, I’d say he’ll probably be released after the Maggie/ Doubloon event is over so they can stick him in a stash? Just a guess. So excited about him.


Right on! When they sold Jeremiah for $100, if it were Hershel I may have bit the bullet. Zeke is still one of my best 6-stars mainly due to his guardian skill. I’d love to have a ranged toon with that and right now Hershel is the only one.

I’ve been getting gear in these last 2 collection events and I plan to do so again if there’s another similar event - but Hershel, the 1st Shiva and Carl would be the few that would make me change that.


Same here. I have never done a 10 or 40 pull because of the low odds but if it were Hershel I would totally have spent the cash. Jeremiah looks ok but not for $100. Anyone who has and uses him care to give some feedback on him?

Without a doubt. It’s funny because everyone was like pass when we first got him not realizing how important guardian would become. I really do not like mixing ranged and melee and giving up the leader bonus. Hershel would obviously solve this dilemma.

Have Shiva but have not ascended her because Carl is one of two f2p toons I did not pull. Barker is the other but no big loss there in my opinion. With not enough Lilliths and Adens to go around, I am stuck waiting.


My biggest frustration with the whole 6-star thing is the lack of options for rosters. I only did a few big pulls and only got 1 premier - Priya, but I had enough 5-stars that if I lost a raid or camp attack in wars, I had another team I could use to win. Until very recently, I’ve been stuck with the same attack team. After I got Dwight from the event last year, I was in a toon drought. 5-stars weren’t worth keeping if they weren’t ascendable so for 2 months I was basically twiddling my thumbs playing the least amount I have since I started the game. Then in the last 2 weeks since Gator was released, I’ve ascended him, got Glenn from ascending a 4-star, used gift cards to do a pull for Bruce and got him, got Siddiq from prestige tokens and sometime very soon will have both Governor and Maggie from the current event.

I’m quite excited to have more than one attack team again soon :slight_smile:


Also the leaked gov stats were from before the 6* stat buff. So if we’re being realistic his stats are closer to that of Richard and alpha since he would need the increase before his release.


I swear this guy ^^^^^^^ just does not get it!!! Every thing i see you post is brain numbing


Almost brain numbing :wink:


Being almost f2p you have 3 reds that were almost not premiers. For the majority of people who don’t spend or didn’t get lucky its literally several Mira’s or no reds at all


Lol to whoever said Hershel over Madison… Madison is simply amazing.


Almost F2P with 3 red premier toons. And that’s just your reds. Wow. Just wow. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Never said I did ascend 3 Mira’s lol. Your the ****** one for not getting it was a joke and that we basically only have Mira as an f2p red toon. Everone else got it. Duh.

And you think Richard or Jeremiah is better than the Gov? Please stop I’m laughing so hard it hurts and I bet you paid 100 bucks for Jeremiah too. lol :rofl:

So I get called stupid and then get flagged. Right. People and there flags. Really need a penalty for false flags.