Release a list of "never ascendables"

It’s clear now that there won’t be too many more legacy ascendables. At the current rate, we will get waaay less than 100 over the remaining life span of this game.
Every player is hoarding 5s just in case they are ever ascendable and this is having a huge affect of roster space. I am at a point now where I cannot afford to depot my 5s and I also have no roster space which makes levelling toons extremely difficult as I cannot claim 2*s from my training ground.

Id like to suggest that Scopely release a list of toons that will NEVER be ascendable so players can safely clear out some of their roster.


So that players can dump them and a couple months later Scopely can pull a scopely and say oops just kidding but here you can repurchase them from this stash or wheel with terrible odds…

No thanks.


They obviously have the capability to increase roster space (see survivor club). Give us the ability to increase that as needed instead. Also, make trainers not count towards the cap.


You can increase it. 250 coins so every week use ur league coins to increase it. Stop hoarding 5s if u to cheap to expand ur roster.

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All remaining 5*s?lol

what do you need legacy toons for? be ready to see some new 6☆ in the skin of old 5☆ with their names changed. priya will be jessica, tripp will be siegfried and douglas will be army man. that way scopely will dont need to do 5☆ design, just the 6☆ and dont allow people to use their old toons. everyone is happy :+1: well… maybe not the players base but what do scopes care :rofl:


You can only increase it a limited number of times. Happy to keep increasing it through those means if they up the limit on how many +5 spots I can add…

I use those nonascendable 5 stars for level up tourneys to fill the gaps.


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