Release a legacy now!


It’s been over 40 days now that’s like almost 1/9 of a year.


Pretty sure it’s been way over 40 days


True that


They better make the legacy ascendable worth it for all this trouble.


Pain split low attack Andrea inbound


She’ll have a special assault rifle with attack down and +5% attack and crit


Kenny ascended July 24th so its been 42 days




They already made the design release her already


Damage role? Let me guess. 300% to one enemy and +30% attack to 3 teammates.


Whoa whoa whoa. Let’s not go overboard here! Too op!


For a F2P


Oh damn, your right! Works for Lee. Better cut that down by 50% and drop two teammates. That’s right up Scopely’s alley for FTP legends.


Give them a break. They’re too busy spending everyone’s money.


And throw in pain split like every f2p


Seemed a lot longer than that but ok.


2000 maim damage to one enemy is her AR


+30% attack is a bug. It will be fixed to remove the % sign


there is no such thing like an attack buff


Nice meme!