Release 20.1.1 - 7.15.19

Hello Survivors!

Today we’ll be releasing the 20.1.1 build on Android to resolve a crashing issue impacting some of our Users. While we would normally hold a release until all platforms are ready, we wanted to release this build ASAP to help the impacted players. iOS and Amazon updates will follow later this week.


Thank you scopely for this amazing update.


Thank you

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Tomara que realmente resolva o problema é não apenas mascare

tá meu jogo ainda continua reiniciando

Atualizei é continua reiniciando então que tal galera da scopely “toma no olho do cu” sério vocês são um bando de “filhos da putas” o suporte do jogo de vocês é “uma porra incompetente” vocês são horríveis em ouvir a base de jogadores de vocês.


Estimate for iOS? I’ve already been out going in my 4th day. Yay for android but can we get a rush on iOS too?

Hey can you do something abt the pulls? I paid 25 bucks for survivors club to get 2 5 star. I’m very unhappy with it and this raid situation of having to spend a mil food just to find a opponent. Its frustrating. And if your killing regions, at least give a key to those stuck for choice.



Stupidity. Lol. Won’t do it again. Paid 25 bucks basically for 2 5 star. Lol


Am not renewing lol


How do you even know it’s an amazing update if you cannot see / read the patch notes or what exactly they are changing? :joy:

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Fixes those games that are crashing.

Crashes those games that weren’t.

Get a move on the iOS update been waiting for a solution since February!

I still cant open the game .i have android device

Did you look for a update in your playstore?

Agreed. I updated, bf did not and now I Cannot open game and his is fine. At risk of losing 200+ day login streak. Help!

If you were not crashing before the update and are crashing now, please DM me your Friend Code.


Can’t wait for the iOS update! It’s been 5 days :frowning: I’m missing out on a lot of stuff. Will there be any type of compensation for those affected?