Related to FA Tier 6, Single life max scoring

Assume you start Faction Assault tier 6, last stage, phase 2 with all parts destroyed.

Question is, can you in one attack life

  1. Take out full hp of negan.
  2. Goto phase 3 and complete it too on last seconds.
  3. Hit approx 2.79 Mill dmg total.

Keep Surviving

Short answer…yes

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long answer… yeeeesssss


Context…few people in my faction, thinks it cant be done in single attack. One of them kinda DM me for it lol.

Time for T7 scopely! (well past time tbh)

Tell the hater to get some shades and learn how to build a team. Ppl will always hate when u solo a stage or score more than they can.

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Faction mate just did this last FA


big answer yes

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