Rejecting Unwanted Toons

Here is one to take to the team #jbscopely.
My rosta is now so clogged up with unwanted and unusable 5*s that it’s pointless me chancing RNG anymore.
Yes it is costing you sales Scopely.
I suggest that alongside the accept unwanted rubbish button you place a reject button which would replace said unwanted rubbish with an appropriate amount of league tokens to be spent on something useful.


Never gonna happen and they don’t take suggestions.


You never know I included the scopely holy trinity of words, sales, costing ,and spent :rofl:

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What about a system where you accept the toon, but then sell it in exchange for some currency which can be used to purchase a supply of other toons in some sort of depot. Maybe we could call it the Depot of Supplies.

Oh, wait…


Tbh the amount of depot tokens given is bs. You trade in a 5* for 1/40 give or take of one in the depot. Not to mention the most the toons in depot worth having rarley if ever show up. All the depots could use an update.

Agreed. It’s built on the game economy of how it was 2+ years ago.

I was merely pointing out that OP was asking for what does exist. The fact it’s out of date is irrelevant to the points he made

Why not have a featured like the ascendace tower were you can swap a toon for a random other toon like other games do you and swap a re bruce for a red bruce only costing £20 with gear lol

but if you reject them. You will their feelings, and that isn’t nice.

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I would love for the game to offer an option to just auto sell any 1-star weapons and toons when earned.

They clog up our rosters and our weapon space far to quickly and it’s a pain to have to manually sell them off or break them down.


If you think that asking for an appropriate amount of tokens to spend in the league store where you have 38 different items available, is the same as getting 1170 tokens to spend in the supply depot where you have 10 of which 2 are food. I have a Ferrari to sell you which may look very much like a Fiat but take my word for it that is a Ferrari.

Clearly I know leagues tokens and supply points are not the same value.

So what you are asking for isn’t too have a reject button, but to change the sale value of characters to give an appropriate amount of league tokens instead of (mostly) worthless supply points?

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What I asked for was pretty clear to all but the ultra pedantic who only look for an excuse to be salty.
Perhaps if people were more supportive of ideas that would be beneficial to all Scopely might listen a bit more?

Buddy, of all the things stopping Scopley listening to community feedback, I’m fairly sure my unhelpful sarcasm is not one of them

As long as your sure lol

I imagine more than half the comments on here are pure sarcasm.
Your suggestion brings up the point of the depot being outdated. The value of depot tokens given for toons is way to low. The toons in the depot are too expensive and should include way more options.
Being able to do something with the many dupes or unused toons besides getting a low number of depot tokens would make alot of players happy.


all the SDs need to be updated all along with everything else. It’s been a year since they’ve done so

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or hear me out. This might sound crazy but have you thought about selling them in the depo?

Considering the op said to trade for an "appropriate amount of " and "something useful " no the current supply depot isn’t what he’s asking for.

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“I would love for the game to offer an option to just auto sell any 1-star weapons and toons when earned.”


But 1* weapons are all the rage nowa days, scopely even gifted us this op 1* pistol :hugs:


They were so kind to gift it to us for free when just minutes prior they were selling it


Well that is one sweet gun for sure. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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