Reintroduce some balance for all

Super regions needed. And rebalance of rewards. Every event has same single faction at top who now are untouchable. The gap in rewards is huge from #2 to #1. How about a regions top players/factions can join to get higher rewards but cannot move back to lower lev regions. Then balance the rewards… so say 100 for #20 200#10 250#5 300#4 350#3 400#2 450#1 then in higher regions 500#20 600#10 700 #5 800#4 900#3 1100#2 1300#1 numbers are arbitory to just so some level of value. Lower regions and super regions never mix… when a lower region grinds enough they can enter super region for step up in rewards… but expect to be at bottom but still better off.

War of champions has region for just that… but some won’t shift as don’t want to lose out in rewards…

Big fish in little pond

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But after it is over they can move back…(or am i wrong on that) region key not too expensive considering the rewards for moving to lower region and guaranteeing #1 better to spend coin on key rather than pulls. Not just wars either i am talking about all events. But i see your point on there being a reluctance to move.

There in lies the issue as with transfers being an option means folk can move… whilst some limits means weaker regions get invaded… having been in regions where my faction was top end then thanks to open transfers got sunk by numerous inconsiderate big factions…

All can do is decide what level you want to play and are capable of playing at and try find a reasonable region to be in

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There is balance already, the more dollars , the more balance your team has


Even rewards just being a bit closer then would help… currently #1 gets around 4x the value than #2. There should be reasonable balance for the top 5 slots… with less jump between them… that could help more than one faction grow in a region.

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