Reimbursement of players from all 64 regions competing in TOC

Has the TOC ended yet.? Not a single response to anything from scopely. No recognition at all from the company after making thousands upon thousands from the entire player base of 64 regions. This really shows once they collect their cash they could careless what happened.

If Scopely doesnt fulfill all theses promised "BLAZING HOT " rewards, and “All new elite Avatar” , shouldn’t every single player be reimbursed every penny invested into the tournament. Everyone from all 64 regions that had spent anything trying to get ready for a tournament. If players dumped money into something to try to win what the company promised, but yet it was all a lie and there was no rewards. Shouldn’t ever one invested into TOC be reimbursed.?.?


Nope, I heard toc is planned to go on forever

I guess i better keep preparing.

Wasnt it 40 regions?

I think that the real winners are the factions that doesnt transfer for TOC, I have enjoyed to play with other people with not-so Whaley teams and getting more strategies on the region, is awesome to have played on a semi-whale region…

Sadly it could end soon due to the transfer and their two whale faction will return and will destroy the good envornment that we were living…

Why would the factions that didn‘t participate be the real winners? I don‘t get that. Same crap going on for them. Now they face the same S-class teams in war, have the same obsolete teams as everyone and had the same boring last 2 months as the ones participated. No one won. Everyone lost from recent decision makings.

Btw. While I agree ToC was utterly crap I enjoyed the level up milestone boost and we‘ve had some fun war Sundays. But please never again.


Bell and rockdale really want that avatar… Please give it to them already.

I hope it’s a burning pile of turds.

It would be fitting


I didn’t transfer, was already in Coweta, but I do have some sympathy for those that did pay to move server based on the back of a lie. I wouldn’t be against all TOC teams getting a key when transfers open. Feel like that would be fair.

What about the regions that didn’t even qualify? people moved to regions, there was no real explanation how to qualify and regions didnt even make the bracket lol

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