Reigion transfers let's come to together

So I don’t know if anyone else is thinking same as I am probs there is but just wanted to say let’s use this to are advantage and repopulate reigions where needed
Don’t know how to work this but we know it’s coming

Yes, let’s come together



Pointless having a region transfer until the other existing issues are addressed, awful prizes and territory glitches need eradicating too


There be going soon we can get rid of some awful prizes by pressuring G scopes to release t7
Because those bags
Are. Flare guns or earrings only
This would make fac assault worth doing which would be a start

Was mainly aimed at tournament prizes like war and the SLUTS, faction assault prizes are decent just that they take way too much time to start

Paulding is dying off fast but were not a lost cause yet. About 22ish active factions. Hoping to get some people rolling through once this rolls out

Shut up ,can u stop moaning ? This is all we asked for 1 year,region transfer is the only hope for making this game great again

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It won’t make it great but it will extent its life
Probably a good step
Since game life went down to mods
Just gotta repopulate. The reigions til reigion merging happens

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The issue is that people will largely stay in their dying regions because they don’t want to abandon their #1 spots in their fiefdoms. I don’t see a big change occurring unless people are willing to try to move up, rather than hoping people will move in under them.

Not moaning just stating the obvious. The root cause of the heavy quitters was a shoddy prize structure, no point doing all this hard graft to keep them exactly the same because people will be asking for another region transfer a year from now.

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I think it’s hilarious people like that accuse you of moaning, but whenever scopely screws up they’ll whine about it.

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