Regular Wars are done


At least for us, old regions who have been playing for 2 years.

Super long searches, awful prizes, fighting the same 2 factions every single time for hours.
It’s not a matter of reopening regions (mine isn’t closed). The thing is whoever joins now as a new player is going to take a year to build a decent team. We don’t have time for that.

Ascension looks cool but it does nothing but aggravate the issue. Why?

  • People quit everyday because they can’t keep it up with the new meta or are tired to start over (Call them weak or not dedicated enought if you want. BUT we need people, we need someone to face in wars).
  • If they quit we have even less active players around meaning less action.

CRW works for us. It’s fun, you meet new faces and most important, the game is active 24/7. Internal wars used to be very challenging because we know each other but after 2 years, we are bored to death.

Some of you will say “Hey, but a faction that usually finishes 2nd might find themselves fighting for 5th in CRW. The 6th in regular wars will place 15th and so on”

Do you think we care? No… It comes to a point where you want to play and don’t give a shit about prizes, period.

My region is nothing like Dade yet but I can see it coming. Scopely you have to anticipate and do something for real about it.


They could have rolled ascension out slower, but people demanded it be rolled out faster and are always demanding more 6* toons sooner than later. I think if it was rolled out slower, then it would give everyone a chance to keep up and eventually get a 6*. Everyone was in a hurry to ascend 5* to 6*. They should have made about 3 ascend toons and leave it that way for about 2-3 months, maybe less, but like I said, the people keep demanding more. That is all I want to say about that since you mentioned ascension, I am talking about war and search times in other threads.


Let the newbies get the prizes


OG region here, it isn’t about the age of the region. Age doesn’t correlate the activity


If your region wasn’t locked maybe.

Those old regions that were locked are stuck in an endless loop until they are reopened.

Its a shame they haven’t opened more soon after ours. While warring is still slow and frustrating as we don’t match as much as the new factions do against one another, its still an improvement on the 2-3 wars a weekend we got in the past.