Regular vs nightmare survival road comparison

I don’t think the reward structure is scaled very well between the two. Nightmare being exponentially more difficult, and impossible to complete I think needs to have restructuring of the reward system so that they reflect competing at a much higher difficulty. To me they seem about the same value as regular for doing as many stages.

This comparison is assuming you do as many levels in nightmare mode as you would for regular mode, so about Midway through gold.

Total rewards for regular, completion and Rank 16-50:
9750 league tokens, 8 trainers, 4 legendary pieces of gear, 2 4* weapon pulls, 1500 WD tokens, 100 gold ascendance medals

8000 league tokens, 6 trainers, 12 pieces of legendary gear, 4 gold mods, 2000 wd tokens

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I don’t mind the challenge but I think it was 50+levels each last time I did one.
And I ain’t got no time for that lol.

I was looking forward to it, started off fun then it got to the stage where no skill or team selecting mattered it’s about using as many refills as possible and killing 1 enemy per energy and so on, walker stages are good but human stages are ridiculous, so I decided to call it quits at gold 18

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I did like 16 levels when that happened lol.


Much harder than last time, made it to legendary but starting to struggle at gold this time. Still better at 20 stages though and I like the challenge.

25 each for regular, 50 for nightmare

Looks like it’s 20 now but much more challenging with less points.
Not understanding the Scopely logic here.

The rewards got nerfed. Honestly after the piper event, every milestone is going to feel hollow. I think i received 125 mods and 1,000+ bennies. The excitement of those is gone for me for a while :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah, my toons started dying in bronze so I didn’t look too far ahead. Seems more difficult than last nightmare, but still I think the rewards aren’t scaled to the difficulty.

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