Regions that call crits versus regions that dont


Use the space below to provide your feedback on the benefits of factions calling crits in global or in line chat (still first come first serve) versus just taking them when available without calling.
I’d like to hear benefits for both sides if possible.


Calling crits seems unnecessarily complicated. Just taking them is quick and easy and you don’t have to deal with any coordination.


Lots of people avoid the cesspool known as GC, which can lead to alot of hurt butts complaining that they called dibbs on the crit tt next


Lots of people don’t read global chat, calling them there is pointless.


personally, calling for crits just adds an unnecessary step. It is just easier to leave it with low defense and allow factions to take it when they need it. Leaders can’t be on their phone 24/7 to see who is calling for it next. Maybe others are tied to their phone and reading chat all the time but I have work and family stuff too. Plus these days, the longer you wait to grab crit, some dummy is gonna walker them so better to let factions take it quickly and pass it along. Just my 2 cents.


Honestly calling them leads to stupid arguments.

Just get them or don’t get them. No need to call.

When you don’t have an expectation to call, it’s much more casual and players expect to check back and get them when they can.

Not like a few hours difference will control the outcome.


that actually happened recently when someone “called” for it in our leaders chat but another faction took it. The other faction leader wasn’t reading messages and the faction leader who called for it got upset. And yes, it did lead to an argument and question about whether we were actually “sharing” crit lands.



Ive lived it.

Better to just take things in stride cause someone always gets offended.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve experienced both scenarios and I’ve seen nothing but chaos with not calling. Multiple factions attacking, timers offset, war defenses being placed, and two different factions holding each crit zone (almost daily) and in a region where crits were called, maybe one issue of miscommunication over a 2 months span.


It can work great to call crits in a small and cooperative region. Henry on the other hand is so loaded with jerks that if you announce you want crits they will try to walker them out of spite.


To best avoid what you just described, we set Surefire as the mark in our region agreement. Claim from right to left. So if someone’s faction has started on SF, the rest of the region is aware they are being claimed, and shouldn’t hit the others.

We also have no 6* toons, and stack no more than 6k terms in the agreement.


Our entire region shares crits… we grab it… put a 1* team in… hold em for the hour… craft… then ppl either let it go to walkers or they leave an easy team in to kick out for who ever wants it next… no biggy


Calling crits works well in Greenwood most of the time, we have a Faction leaders only line group dedicated to it !


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