Regions sitting out of war


I’m just wondering what regions/factions, if any will be sitting out or taking a back seat for this CRW


People will play, but they will not spend money on It. Win or lose in this one… No one Will care


I doubt any will due to the competitive nature of war. However i feel there will be alot less coins used compared to if they were offering decent rewards.


its a farm war, just about refilling cans. use no coins no cans and you come out a winner.


I don’t see my region or any of the factions there sitting out. I personally won’t be coining or using cans. Prizes suck. I’ll do what I can for my faction because they matter most. But I highly doubt this war will bring the enthusiasm past weekends have had. That’s a shame, but it’s scopelys doing, not ours.


We arent spending a dime.

Will still war though for the crates and cans. Even though they nerfed the everloving hell out of Adens in crates.


I can mostly certainly tell you the hundreds of whales in Chilton will not be sitting this one out lol


Exactly how I’m looking at it


lmao doubt my whole region wont spend a dime for upcoming war…no offense, but last blitz wars the top facs kept saying “prize sucks not worthy to spend a dime” in gc but then they coined in war :drooling_face: