Regions Opening Today!


There were several of you who were asking, so I wanted to share!

Regions that are opening:

Augusta (ES)
Jeff Davis (EN)

Thank you everyone!


Cool. Maybe ill start an account in Jeff Davis




i feel bad for the new players in Jeff Davis for the slaughter that they are about to experience this weekend lol


look at my bro @LucasMonroe hijacking a spot in the #1 faction in Jeff Davis right off the bat lol


2s, 3s, 4s 5s all tier 1 vs a 6s how fun…


Are they giving out 5* tokens for level 1-10?


Hahaha! brilliant! That’s why I love you and the others, Plaguey <3


That’s my faction the dudes a goodun


Perfect!!! Keep ignoring your old loyal customers who are stuck in dead regions. Thanks :+1:t2:


Is this chron?


Nope, this is Patrick!


(Don’t kick me, please…)


Lmao Lucas u nug. Was talking about rockdale… that was my original region


Heheh, I know. I just shoved myself into the talk. My bad!


Nope ;). He’s still floating around. Was talking about joining a new region, he might be interested.


Ok but why Jeff Davis hahaha


Yea he’s still in the rockdale line chat I mentioned it to him last week


I can’t stop thinking this region’s name is a refference to the “My Name is Jeff” meme, no matter how others try to prove it otherwise…



If it was Scopely should open a meme region.


Someone hire this fella and take this to the team…